September 18, 2021

10 thoughts on “Moving to Africa – Will There Be A Culture Shock – MamaDee Family Vlogs

  1. MamaDee what made you want to move to America? I went to University with a good friend from your country. My goal is to one day own property there. I'm trying to bridge the gap with people from Africa preferably SA. I'm from New York so I'm a adventure. I've travel all round the world except Africa and Asia. Do they have duel citizenship in SA? Is the a website to meet good interesting people to network with besides Facebook? I have millions of questions but I hope you can answer my few.

  2. Hey Mamadee, long time. I am catching up on your videos. I see the channel has grown and hearty congratulations to that. I wish you all the best.

    You are in DR, nice one. enjoy your time there. I am still in Chile. I am now doing an internship at Fraunhofer – center for Solar energy technologies while still finishing masters and later in December I am moving to South Africa.

    If you happen to pass here kindly inform me and I will introduce your family to some South Africans living in here.

    Pass my greetings to my Papadee 🙂

  3. I agree with you ,I have been living in The USA for three years moved from South Africa and the food in SA is so much better ,I always crave it ,its a struggle when it comes to the food being here.

  4. Please explain to Black Americans which city should we visit first, if its our first time traveling to the Continent?  My DNA blood reveals I match with the people of South Africa along with other regions such as West, North, Eastern Africa… but it appears South Africa is more progressive/modern therefore this is where I'd love to visit first.  Thanks for your answer.

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