September 16, 2021

18 thoughts on “Moving To AMERICA From AFRICA,UGANDA Has Changed My Mindset! Expectations TOO HIGH!?

  1. I think you misunderstand what feminism is about I am a feminist but I’m also a Christian and I think Feminism is just raising strong women who are going to raise stronger women and men
    I am a full-time mom I work I have a full-time job and I am a full-time mom and I am wife I come home I clean I cook I take care of my children I take care of my husband
    You speak wisdom and man love woman as Christ has loved the church Woman submit …. Good staff B and T please link me with you Editor love your show

  2. That attitude in USA that “nobody can tell me anything” is true. Women not wanting to depend on a man is common among USA women but that is because many women have been abandoned by men.

  3. That, bro is very right. Its the same in Europe. when I arrived in Norway sometime back from Uganda, I was set to find my own blond bombshell. But dating Ugandan -style left me ill-prepared for dealing with the strong, silent types I found in Oslo. The Ugandan rules of the dating game are quite straightforward: Guy asks girl on date, girl says yes if she doesn't find guy's shoes objectionable, guy takes girl out to dinner, girl interviews guy about his occupation and future earnings prospects, guy pays for dinner, guy walks girl to front door, girl invites guy in if he successfully passed the test. All of the above goes out the window when it's time to start dating in Norway. It's not entirely clear who is supposed to take the initiative, who is supposed to pay and what is supposed to happen at the end. Usually, you give up trying to figure out the answers to these questions and just let the alcohol make all of the decisions. Dating! Norwegian woman. They buy their own beer, Chips and pays their own uber.

  4. He's telling the truth! In America life fast, competitive, and every person for himself/herself in every way including working making own money and paying own bills, and the bills are many, every month! So, women are looking for men who are bringing something else I. The table other than money and/sex! Most women in America, whether African American, Africans, or whatever look for a man who is gonna be emotionally present, supportive, and confident in who and what they are as a man. Otherwise women and men are always on the move, literally from one city or state to another as life demands.

  5. He telling the truth American women have no patience. The first sign we see you messing up we out of there. Most of us won’t give you the benefit of doubt. Sad but true. I’m guilty of this due to my pass experience and society done made me like this. Praying to god to have a change of heart.

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