September 19, 2021

37 thoughts on “Moving To America from South Africa. How to Move Abroad.

  1. as an a american, who moved out of america to africa…..i understand why people want to move, but really it a stressful place to live. you're on your own, it is not like africa, where there is always someone to support you. i would never even visit america again

  2. Hey Kudzi. I'm from South Africa and I'm a pharmacist intern, planning on doing master's next year. Do you think i could move after master's or would I have to have worked for a few years in order to save money and have enough funds?

  3. Thanks Kudzi been researching so I can make this move, currently living in JHB SA. I have US citizenship by birth. Just trying to get a transfer via work cause I work for an American global technology company.

  4. immigration to US is a bit difficult to under take most especially application visa , the best way secure a visa to US is to get an authorized and transparent immigration consultant, Mr Jared William assisted me and I successfully migrated to US I'm grateful, all thanks to him.!

  5. My partner and I would love to move to the US for a better future for our daughter. We currently do not know where to start and how to get there as we only have customer service experience and some receptionist experience, however havent been able to find anything. We are both hard working individuals and any assistance would me amazing!!

  6. Enjoyed this! I studied in the US and came back to SA. But ever since I came back, I've always believed that I belonged there because I kicked a** there. I felt like I needed to be there. I really want to come back, gave myself till 2022. My issue is finding a job. Any tips?

  7. Hi, I’m finishing my 2nd year at UWC in South Africa doing computer science , and to be honest I’ve been wanting to work at US, and honestly I’d have felt so lost without this video, but is there any more advice you can give, as a young South African wanting to move to US, like in terms of cost of living ? Can I do Online interviews and then move ?

  8. I love South Africa but I really hate it when someone come here in the US illegally not xenophobic but i beg people to come here legally not like other people I don't wanna say umm Nigerians but it's not only them but I really recommend coming here in the US u won't regret it!!!😀😁😃

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