September 16, 2021

30 thoughts on “Moving to America: Tips, Process, Costs & Need to Knows!

  1. Hey guys, getting a lot of feedback that the info was a little bit too generalized. The topic is super broad, but I would love to do a mini series diving in to your topics of interest. Reply to this post if there’s anything specific you’d like to know!

  2. Just found this. Looking at relocating to the US, hopefully soon. Data Science and AI are in demand especially in the SF Bay Area. Loved the insights from this video! Keep "em coming!

  3. America is very RACIST place and it’s getting worse . You will feel it babe. It can be very fun with opportunities and schools are great yet expensive( PAY AS MUCH AS YOU CAN AND TRY TO AVOID LOANS) BUT just please go back home when you are finished with school . Im moving to NY for awhile but I personally want to leave Amerikkka 😔 ! …

  4. I wish you had referred to Kenya as a developing country rather than a 3rd world country, we aren't doing so bad now and that term 3rd world does alot of disservice to us, thanks

  5. I’m from America and here are some manner tips (I’m bored)

    So if you are moving to America here are some manner tips!

    1. Never put your elbows on the table in public

    2. Don’t make a X with your fork and knife because that means you did not enjoy your food/service

    3. Put your napkin on your lap (if your somewhere fancy)

    4. Always give a tip or you will get nasty looks

    5. Don’t use plastic in front of VSCO girls 😂

    6. Do not throw plastic in the lake or any water really or you will get some pretty nasty looks

    7. I don’t know if this is a tip or a fact but you need to be 14+ to have a job

    That’s all I can think of right now! Don’t know if these were helpful or not also don’t know if these are all American things or not but hope you enjoyed!

  6. 85% of the whole video says. "It depends on your situation". That was 10 mins of very little concrete infos 😕.

    For example on cost of living, well as a foreigner in Kenya you need to be ready to spend between $400 and $600 a month to live comfortably (alone), that's rent and all included.

    Visa: if you are working it can cost you up to $2500 a year or $2000 for the least. Lots of processing needed and patience and legal third parties. You get a permit Visa. For school at most $50 a year or $250 if you don't want to deal with immigration headaches so you hire a legal company to do it. You get a student pass, very few documents required. Identification documents, School certificates and sponsor letters.

    Jobs in Kenya: Big organizations look for talent so your nationality doesn't matter, you can make it here as a foreigner if you know your craft and bring a + to the organization, but for smaller organizations, it's hard knocks. There's xenophobia and lots of useless politics.

    That's how you make an informative video. The only thing I learned from this video is that, living in a dorm is expensive and you get 1 yr work experience after school.

    No, this is not a hate-comment. Don't take offense, not all opinions are positive. I am sensitive to this because I am a foreigner in Kenya and it hurts me when people make videos to "say" give info to others and just generally say "it depends on your situation". You say you want to share your experience, give the info and they will source another experience then understand it depends on your situation.

    This is click-bait to me. I am a heartbroken subscriber right now.

  7. Lovely. Wished my experience with the visa was the same as yours. Got turn down twice for the F1 after gotten accepted in nursing school in Florida. Had all the required documents and still was denied. Smh

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