August 12, 2022

20 thoughts on “Moving to Ghana from America |Why I left America to Ghana Without knowing anyone in Ghana

  1. Whoever is moving to Africa, Please leave that USA flag behind, We don't need it to be advertised in Africa, Way too much of our people get kill under that flag innocently, that brutal pass must stay behind, We don't need that negative and painful reminder please

  2. Very nice interview , I have been here in Ghana since August 5th 2021. Love it here. It was a decision me and my wife planned since 2005. Decided in 2016 we were coming in 2021. I will look for your YouTube channel.

  3. Bro the day u visit USA or Canada the way they will looking at u or treat you am talking about the blacks over there is not a good filling as a African they don't see u ecure like them is very bad experiences that why is no go area between Africas and black Americans

  4. Keep in mind folks, average American salary is about $42,000, before tax. Average cost of living is $2,800 per month for one person. You do the math. Easily making $100,000 to $200,000 is not a real thing. There are exceptions, but for most, those kind of salaries come after probably 20-30 years of very dedicated work and some luck. Treat people arriving as you would like to be treated. Most Americans don't have a lot of money. It's mainly a debt/credit society.

  5. i lived in Australia for 21 years and after moving back to Ghana in march 2017 one thing i can say is its a very good experience to see both sides of life change is a beautiful thing R.I.P to your Grand maa God bless her soul she obviously with u in spirt …..nice video webnation africa

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