September 25, 2021

28 thoughts on “Moving To Ghana , West Africa Update | Ghana Party Food Review & Mukbang | Living in Ghana (Africa)

  1. Trust me I did not even get into the video before I was in tears of laughter. You are so me. When you hubby asked for some of your food and licked it all then offered it. Soooooo funny soooooo juvenile soooooo meee lol. Is this a black thing coz I know others that mess around and do that too. I'm still laughing. Love you guys lol

  2. Sister Akua and Brother Kofi you are lucky so and so what lovely dishes including my favourite jollof with jerk chicken and fried plantains.
    You both deserve it.
    Akua you naughty Wednesday girl.

  3. I want to go with you 😭😭.
    I had soo much fun watching Ekua.
    The new intro is 🔥.
    All the best on your new journey and everything else.
    Keep the energy.
    When we come to Ghana we hope to visit you.

  4. This is the second African YouTube channel I've seen a Ghanaian commercial. I guess it's costly for some to advertise their stuff when they are trying to make an income

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