July 4, 2022

47 thoughts on “Moving to Ghana (Why Move to Africa from America) Ghana is NOT what you THINK

  1. I am from America but I moved here over 5 years ago and I have had many people ask me why I moved here just like you. People ask me all the time don’t I miss America. That’s crazy I miss nothing about America everything I need is here that’s it.

  2. I just came back from spending a little over 9 days in Accra and surrounding areas, and I totally understand – more than ever – why people/families such as yourselves are moving out of the US. Only those that think that the US is "the only game in town" are those who probably live within 50 miles of where they went to high school (which is the national average here in the US). I loved what I experienced, the people and the food. The forts (Elmina and Cape Coast) were hard to take but still worth it, and while I can't see myself living in Accra right now, I'm not going to lie and say that I miss it. Unfortunately, I didn't get to Alpha Afrique 😥. Hopefully when I return the infrastructure (especially the roads) will have improved.

    Oh, and Tony, I see why you like Club beer. 😀

  3. Well said Tony I just relocated to Ghana 3 months now compare that living in New York the life in Ghana is so much easier there is very little crime here I realised compared to New York Chicago Los Angeles Jamaica Trinidad all these places have more crime nowhere is perfect Ghana is peaceful it's up and coming a good place to raise a family

  4. Excellemt video you two. I visited Ghana in August, 2021 and I fell in LOVE, the energy is sooo different. I am visiting for a month in December/January and considering a permanent move..

  5. Tony and Ayo, you are very smart, brave and very honest about your new life in Ghana. Thanks for sharing and I hope to visit other parts of the world some day!

  6. Dope video…..I can understand your reasoning but I'm curious…..would your children be immersed and acculurated as Ghanaians???? Are Ghanaians looking to have american expats assimilate with them or are they segregated from each other. Is the business opportunities and wider international economic interests that you plan on taking advantage to the benefit of both expats and Ghanaians????

  7. I'm here just to answer your thumbnail. The so called "African-American" was told by the one and only Creator that we would be hated by all Nations and I'm OK with that.

  8. I don't think you're stupid. I think you're very smart and thought things out well. I am open to living there. You have lovely family. I hope I can reach out to you when time for me to visit.

  9. Greetings Expat Life Ghana, well said, love you both as you "ROCK"! Thanks for sharing and I hope to meet the family on my future visits as I am officially a senior collecting SS and pensions and ready to travel to the lands of our ancestors. Ayo, love that Black deity moment as its a scientific fact.

  10. Ayo and Tony – just wanted to say hello. I’m a fan of your vids and have shared them with my parents and they love them as well. Thank you for sharing your story. Really appreciate the insight you provide us. Blessings to you and the boys.

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