September 28, 2021


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    Hey y’all! New video all about my colorful experience so far in Nigeria! This is the beginning of a new series of videos that dive into my life as a diasporan in Nigeria.

    Lemme know what you think and as usual, share your opinions down below!

  2. I'd like to visit Nigeria. I wonder if instead of focusing on NGOs and non-profits, the best thing others in the world can do is build businesses. Why isn't the world helping them build businesses and an economy? And women who live in fear of rape from tough area guys, should have tougher guys who offer better law enforcement.

  3. I love Nigeria…. You have to get out Lagos to appreciate it…I My wife from Kaduna…Things cheap there.. The security has challenges…but I love it there.. The people more humble and it’s easy living, the U S dollar goes a long west there

  4. Very pretty girl but you need to cut down on the nose contour makeup you don't need it and it makes your nose way too Brown too much makeup girl just trying to help you out you look kind of plastic! 🙄

  5. You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. I'm ready to move to Nigeria just for the small chance of meeting you. 😍 After listening to your story I had to do an edit: you seem to be a 10 out of 10. You're as beautiful on the inside as you are on the outside and your personality and intelligence are on another level. You are an amazing woman!!!

  6. The reality is that economically unless you have substantial amounts of money , moving to am African nation like Nigeria will not really be a fiscal improvement over the US and Europe .

    It might be more relaxing and comfortable for some coming from an Anerica but financially , it's not a smart move to think you can be poor and working class and move to Nigeria .

  7. Very interesting. I don't know you young lady, however, you come off as spoiled and entitled. With that American mentality, it will definitely be rough for you. Perhaps I am wrong, but your vibe is very upscale. You may want to blend in more instead of feeling those people are beneath you. There is no country that is easy to live in this world. Hell, America is not easy either. There are millions of people today that have degrees but work at Walmart or Jack In The Box. Is Naija rough? Of course…it's not easy by any means, however, those people you speak of are the happiest people on earth (google it). That's why any country Nigerians go to, they take over and build successful businesses. It's in our blood. So instead of complaining, why not figure it out or Move back to America? Since you think is that easy here. I mean, you are an adult. Just move back if it's that bad in Nigeria. it's that simple. At least, that's how I see it. I know this was in 2019 and this is 2021 so, I don't know your update, nonetheless, best of luck!

  8. Greetings, first beautiful face and hair. Second good information. I met a Nigerian lady in Chicago, that I worked with and they definitely bump into you and get really close, but I realized that is the Nigerian way. The Nigerian woman can be sweet at certain moments but often come off as mean upon meeting

  9. Just cos U can't fit in a society doesn't mean it's not fittable for others. Fine, U pointed out the negative aspects of the country, what about the positive sides? Just by watching Ur video for the first time, I didn't like Ur attitude. U feel so big of Urself and we Nigerians hate such people, which tells why U couldn't adapt in the country. Stay where U are in lala land. We don't need Ur kind here. Nonsense!

  10. Honestly, what l think is that
    If you have lots of money and investments in nigeria
    You will enjoy Nigeria a lot
    But if you don't have that or something doing
    You won't enjoy nigeria that much 🇳🇬

  11. Your violin talents might not be maximized if you try to present it as a higher form of art or can’t make it culturally relevant or authentic. The country isn’t waiting for expats to gentrify them. Being upset you have to work for a lifestyle you chose is very confusing. Unlike America, demanding and expecting a lifestyle one can’t afford isn’t a thing in Nigeria. Oh by the way, my father is a retired ambassador and i’m a board certified physician. I was born in France and I’m a proud Nigerian-American. I came to America when I was 14. I definitely encourage you to return to America to fix the numerous issues here as it is very obvious you do not belong in Nigeria. Perhaps when you financial situation has been remedied, you won’t feel compelled to be around yahooyahoos and sugar daddies

  12. Can you share some of the "run girls" stories. I really want to share some of the ones i saw, just to speak to the young girls. My heart really breaks for most of these student "run girls".

  13. Unfortunately, every thing is said is the truth. I have experienced everything! Except for the parents part. Luckily I have my own money, so I was able to manage my finances and set up a business. But after 3 months I had to come back to London. Everything she said is the truth and it made me so sad. Alot of people are "hustling" and they ready to do anything to get money. And on top of that, people treat me differently when im out. I even dress down most times, but as soon as i open my mouth and they hear my accent, I get treated like a FOOL.. And I am such a nice and friendly person but I get judged automatically because of my accent and its always from women. I have never had a problem with male or guys outside.

    Living in nigeria for almost 3 months was very discouraging. I am so ashamed but at the same, what can people do? everyone is looking for money, but some in the wrong places. However, I won't give up on my country. I am taking a one year break and ill go back and try it again. At least this time I am more prepared and I know what to expect. I use to go alot to nigeria before, and honestly it has really changed for the bad but I am ready to try again. At the end of the day, its my country, no matter where i am. Home is home, like your mother is your mother.

  14. Appreciate your video!!! I don't want to sound stupid!! I actually married a man from another country and I've gone through so much crap, I've sworn off men!!! It is so sad to run across African men and their scams online. I just have no hope or faith!!! Guess I need prayer!!

  15. Olakunle Patrick
    I am confused. Are you staying or leaving?

    Nigeria is a wonderful place to live but you have to get used to the environment, travel to some parts of the country, if you have insight you might want to key into certain economic sectors invest, start a business or work with multinational companies and make a lot of money, but have a plan, have it in mind there are challenges and most importantly be open minded.

    The vloger is going nowhere she is ready to strive but bad news sells faster

  16. What is all this senselessness for? Celebrate another human physical appearance? Goodness me. There are more important things in this world to take seriously than another human's attractive features. The real beauty are the ones you cultivate by choice, not the physical one life fortunately gave you. Let's stop deceiving the youngsters about what real beauty is and pay less attention to fleshly/physical appearances but more attention to behavior because anyone could have either been born less or more physically attractive.

  17. I don't mean to be superficial BUT beauty like yours has been suppressed by western culture. You are an indisputable manifestation of GOD'S perfection. Proof to the African Diaspora that we are an intentional work of art. The way the Devil controls us is to mislead us into thinking Western archetypes are the benchmark for beauty. I am absolutely mesmerized by your alluring, angelic and captivating appearance. Your beauty is worthy of reverence because it is empowering to anyone that can find a correlation between you and themselves. It's OBVIOUS that you know your POWER. However between you Goddess like prominence and Intellectuality, you should be in the Marvel Cinematic Universe on Superhero Mode! 🙌🏿

  18. It sound like you are speaking about any big cities in America. Not to judge you. Getting a job in the music industry is as had as could be . Even here in America. Right now Nigeria need professional people with skills to create job or strong entrepreneurs skills to make it. Despite all these sad stories, Nigerian has the riches black men and Black women in the world . Its not easy here in America for black people either. You are lucky to have parents that could help you out Here in America most young adults are on the own. With determination and focus you could make in Nigeria or move back here to America and tough it out. Best wishes and good luck in your journey.

  19. 😍Your beautiful. But your attitude is 🤮disgusting. You can tell u find ur value and worth in material things. You seem very superficial and insecure. ‼️Work on that ‼️

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