September 18, 2021


  1. Subscribed! Im actually looking into Pretoria and Joburg neighborhoods. My 2 sisters back home don't agree and the nicest neighborhood in Joburg is expensive. Im focused on Pretoria for now. Im also concerned about the safety in Joburg. Love your videos!!

  2. Lolz!gurlll!me everytime with extra-weight-luggage&finding it hard to decide on what to keep or leave behind..😣😂😂😂hope it's been a good move for u..xx ps:u've just gained yourself a new subbie!🤗

  3. why u left without me meeting u first anyway I see u in south Africa then we will meet I'll be flying in December. u are my queen just know that from your future king

  4. Yaass,you have beautiful friends which by the way have beautiful voices <3 TALENT girl!!! <3……ALL the best with coming back and your new chapter! uNkulunkulu akubusise

  5. Wow! You make me wanna move too. Life in SA is better than in the UK but I'm not brave enough to face the crime. Best wishes with everything.

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