December 1, 2021

5 thoughts on “Moving to South Africa: What Not To Bring

  1. There's cheap, affordable and expensive anybody can choose according to how much they have cause obviously there's poor people, Middle and rich. There only problem is that media have shown our brothers and sisters overseas only the poor places of Afrika and about America they show only the rich places. South Afrika is for all Afrikan American like other countries of the mother land. So thank u sister for coming back home

  2. I have a list of African designers that I want furniture from. I do not plan on moving with much at all but clothes and books. HA! Game is the SA Walmart and a lot of the furniture and electronics like TV's are a bit pricey from American prices. I couldn't believe I needed a TV license to buy my adopted mom one. I had to get a manager to overide that rule as I was simply visiting and buying a Christmas gift!
    I see you have Sister or Microlocks! Im 7 months into my Microloc journey and a redhead too! SO PRETTY SIS!! I love your content. Im glued here.

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