November 28, 2021

32 thoughts on “Moving Windmills: The William Kamkwamba story

  1. I'm 21 and I can say that we need more young people like this in the world. Unfortunately, though, we have a lot of distractions nowadays, such as internet, video games, and so much idiotic drama/fads. A lot of talented people who may have possessed talent similar to that of William's go untapped because, well, they falter. Great job, William. You make me proud!

  2. You should see the picture of the circuit breaker he hand made as well. That it actually functions is quite amazing and very impressive. Know anybody that's hand crafted their own magnetic circuit breaker using nails, wire and wood?

  3. Man this is epic, I mean, building a Windmill on our countries would be awesome, though we usually have founds, material and knowledge at hand. His efforts are remakable, can´t believe some people around here don´t even try to reach what they want. William you are an example for us all. Best future for you man! Good luck with the Wind Farms.

  4. Too bad this has to be a special story. If only there were more people like this guy, Africa would be a better place. Try to imagine how it is to be this guy. To grow up with limited knowledge and means. Respect, even if it is somewhat simple in our eyes

  5. Awesome!
    Now if only the laws in my township would allow me to have a professionally built, professionally installed windmill.
    I will be forwarding this video and a copy of the book to my legislature. Im hoping it inspires them as much as it did me.
    Keep making a difference!

  6. It's easy for someone in the developed world to spout ideologies like this. Try thinking that way in a country with little or no infrastructure.

    What would you have become had you been born in rural Malawi?

    It was government that allowed us to become more than a collection of waring tribes. Sure, too much government is bad, but generalizations that take things to an extreme just show how naive some people are.

    As in most things, the middle road is best. Ideologies usually lead to disaster.

  7. This story is awe-inspiring. If you think you have it hard, someone else out there has it harder than you. So we need to stop complaining and give GOD thanks for the simple pleasures we have in life. It also shows things can be acheived if you make sacrifices and put your mind to it. This has inspired me.

  8. This is amazing and a very inspiring story.
    You realize how much we loose because of poverty and missed opportunity.This young man did not allow those to impede his dreams.
    This is a must see for all young people.
    May the Lord bless this young man.

  9. We all can amaze our world but there are some like William who inspire us to discover what we can do to make a difference. Reaching out to others brings forth our full potential…who knows where it will take us.

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