November 30, 2021

35 thoughts on “#movingvlog 3: I'm so happy to be here but woah, this is rather overwhelming!

  1. Wow Kay woow this is sooo inspirational keep motivating us young black women that we can do it on our own, independence looks so sexy on you… God will continue to bless you chile and never be apologetic for that…. Love you

  2. Hey Baby girl, I am much older than you (could be as old as your mum 😊) but I love your channel. Been here for 2 years, i think. I hope you have time to read all these comments 720 of them & mine 721…and still counting 😉 The comments are so positive & resonate with so many young girls everywhere…I am in Zim. You remind me a lot of myself… I did the whole relocating to another town in the 80's and to another country in 2005. The challenges of being a succesful professional young then not so woman in the 1980's then early 2000s! Sleeping on a cheap foam rubber matress & knocking my tv stand together with my heels for a hammer, wholst waiting for delivery of personal effects 🤣🤣 Its all about patience & personal growth. A beautiful thing. Sorry i am "wordy" love, I want to encourage you & say keep up with sharing….
    look how inspirational you are 💕 God Bless & keep going 200k loading 👏🏿👏🏿💃🏿💃🏿

  3. That's so wild, I also never complain or discuss my discomfort, i try to stay positive and keep it moving but wow, I think I deserve a good cry……referrring to your heart session at around 17 mins.

  4. Relatable content, especially the last part of the vlog! ❤️ Going through the most while trying to remain grateful is an extreme sport. Thank you for being vulnerable with us and letting us into your home and your heart. ❤️

  5. First I like the diffuse you have, I bet it smells great. The coffee is totally amazing, I like coffee (Decafe) myself. I can't imagine how you feel but I will say take a moment and think about things. You have done wonderful for yourself. Yes the items are taking a while to get there but they will be there.

  6. I literally just fell inlove with Kay Yarms fr! Love how you always so lively, peaceful positive yet realistic & at the same time you are able to be vulnerable and share with us the not so cute behind the scenes😪 I literally shed a tear there at the end. I am sorry you felt so overwhelmed Kay but you will soon be done love & it will all be worth it in the end. Sending you hugs and strength…
    . Also S/O to being a real one hey💕

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