November 26, 2022

33 thoughts on “Mozambique to Lose $20 Billion Investment, Rwanda Youths Plans, New Malaria Vaccine

  1. Thats great France 🇫🇷 is the worst country n total is one of the worst oppressive companies to allow in Africa…. look at Congo and the 14 other African countries France is maltreating… I think god is strongly apossing France deal with Africa

  2. 🤗 happy to hear the moves being made to take a stand. GOD Loved US FIRST, and Love is definitely the key answer.
    Love is passion and passion is what you have to do the things you love. Great news🤗

  3. We are Global African Indigenous people!! Love and Unity is the best key for us all together!!💯
    Also Giving thanks to the Great Mother's/Goddesses and Great Father's/Gods and the Ancestors and Guardians!! Saying from Snefer aka Bashiyr!!👸🏿🤴🏿

  4. The only thing that scares me about all the infrastructure gains in africa is that a lot of these new projects are based in oil and other toxic chemicals. Wouldnt it be cool to see Africa lead the world in green based solutions to tech and power related issues?

  5. This people will do everything to finish us out of this planet. Malaria is in Afrika not in Europe. The Afrikans Dr have to look for the vaccine not Europe. Wake up my people open your eyes.

  6. Spread the word don't get a perm let your natural afro grow let your natural hair grow all the little girls growing up a little boys growing up do not put some chemicals in your head do not put any chemicals no perm no conditioner none of that and is all the shampoos reach ingredients don't use the shampoo from the Caucasian don't perm your hair to make it straight like the Caucasians let your natural hair grow your natural afro grow there in its power to communicate with the store…

  7. It's a covert malaria vacine. A hidden Covid-19 vaccine as a malaria vaccine.

    Since it's coming from Oxford, it's a ringing bell because Africans are not taking the Covid-19 vaccine.

    Didn't I make sense. We have to be smart and filter everything before we jump into consumption.

  8. Mozambique didn't loose anything. Let them take their imperial imperialism. No country ever became rich because of foriegn aid. No country became rich because of foriegn investments…. None

  9. Chad ?? Really? Not even bothering to make the assassination of the elected president look like an accident. Just put the former president back in charge? Not the Vice president of the winning party?🤔🤦🏿‍♂️

  10. Africa should develop their own malaria medicines from the naturals herbs they're already blessed with. As a matter of fact, most countries already have traditional medicine that's very effective and much safer when treating malaria. The western's way of healing is not for the melanated.

  11. Ignorance is a choice I respect but seriously Africans need to wake up. I’m sick and tired of all this , they brought all kind of diseases in Africa and now it’s the malaria vaccine ? What a timing !! Or is it just a coincidence with their plandemic ?

  12. But you didn't talk about the rebel or terrorist that killing innocent people in East of Congo Drc. Do you know who are sending these criminals just African people. stop lying to people

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