July 6, 2022

23 thoughts on “Mugabe Scary UN Speech Warning the World About NATO

  1. For Africa to have another great man like Mugabe , it will take ages. Unless Obasanjo of Nigeria is reinstated and get into power again. "MUGABE" Africa misses you.

  2. Yes, the guy is right but Russia changed everything. Now AFRICA is facing hunger because Ukrainian food is not arriving on time. Russians decided to turn the world in a battle ground.

  3. This conversation must be had face face with no reprentatives so as not to have any mistaken identity or misunderstanding. And to also identify all liars that contributed to these issues and what there punishments will be.

  4. Africans can sort themselves out with corruption and wars. Would be in Western world interest to leave themselves to destroy or Chinese or Russians take their lands. Western world has o stop to take care of undeveloped minds.

  5. NATO thought Putin is another Gaddaffi and Putin is making sure they understand their collective rears will be set afire, if they continue such disingenuous actions for their self-serving ends

  6. The NATO now try to get Ukrain, but they will not get it. USA try always to be the World Police. Every Country have there time … Ukrain is a big lie to Europe! People get the truth in the Future and will understand who did it!

  7. We lost a brave leader as Zimbabweans and more importantly, as Africans. The truth must be told … One day Africa will be one; Gaddafi had the same dream too. We ought to fight for this as Africans …

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