September 22, 2023
multifandom | black lives matter

“‘A Movement, Not A !”
I’ve been working on this video for a long time and I wanted to publish it now that I’ve finished it. I used Zianna Oliphant’s speech for the first part, and then scenes from various movies and tv series that show the injustices, the that always, in the past and still in the present, continues to exist. And it shouldn’t be like that.


“What’s the point of having a voice if you’re gonna be silent in those moments you shouldn’t be?” – The Hate U Give

watch in hd + headphones for best experience!
(english and italian subtitles are available)

● song: saturn – sleeping at last
we won’t move – arlissa
● coloring: jula misiak
● program: vegas pro 16



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24 thoughts on “multifandom | black lives matter

  1. Black Lives Matter 🤟🏿 and every other minority that has to deal with this bullshit. It just makes me so mad. Every life matters and none matter until black lives does! I wish I could do more.

  2. Something that makes me angry is racism and I’m not going to lie and say I don’t want to b++t the racism out of that person. We all bleed red plain and simple. You start bleeding green we got something to worry about lol. I’m white btw. Somebody could call me white privileged and I don’t take offense to it.

  3. Gosh this whole video gives me chills. It’s a sad sad world we live in and history really is repeating itself. I wish we could all get along but unfortunately it just isn’t possible bc people don’t like anything that’s deemed “different.” This makes me cry seeing it put together like this, I realized that black people are being treated badly but it never hits me just how bad. I can’t even begin to imagine what type of pain people have to go through over the color of their skin. People look at BLM and they just see the bad parts, they see the riots and buildings being burned, but they don’t see the part where people are being hurt and discriminated against. They see what they want to see and they want to say all lives matter, yea sure all lives matter, but can you honestly look at the way black people are being treated as a white person and say that’s happened to me. I sure can’t, I wish people could wake up and see the reality, see that people need help and support. Their constantly being killed, arrested, etc. it’s not ok, idc what color skin you are you will never be special, we are all equal and the color of someone’s skin shouldn’t change that. America is supposedly the land of the free, unless your black, anything but a Christian, female, etc. This world needs to do better. I know I probably didn’t explain it the best and there’s probably parts in this that don’t sound right or don’t make sense but I tried and I just genuinely want to help shed light on problems like these. I always cry when I see the woman saying she works like a dog, she can’t even use the bathroom within a mile of her workplace, and can’t even get coffee bc no one wants to touch it. People deserve better they are humans BLM ✊🏿✊🏾✊🏽

  4. being black is a privilege, waking up everyday looking at myself in the mirror, knowing when I walk out these doors 98% of the beautiful people in my neighborhood are all different races. but we all respect each other, but when I go into most stories, I don't get helped because I'm not the most important. some of the people out here, look at black people as a threat. but why? just because you don't think I'm a threat the next person might, but all honesty I was raised on respect, so while some people are finding me to be a threat, you should know, we all have a HEART.

  5. Why are white people treated way better than us black ,we are all humans we breath the same air ,we have 2 hands just like them ,we are just like them it's just put colours are the only different ,we deserve to be treated equally ,we are all created by one person ,why treating black pple bad ,l see some countries still treating black pple different ,you see some white parents telling they kids bit to get close to black pple cuz they disgusting , some tell them that we are dirty ,we are all humans why treating us bad ,whether black or white we are the same

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