December 3, 2021

24 thoughts on “Music Mind Control and The Black Consciousness Community

  1. Korean pop music is a good example that most people don't want to hear the mess coming out of most U.S. hip hop. Their music is mostly squeaky clean
    So what folks will about appropriation(though sone of the song writers are American blks) they know that mess in American rap wouldn't fly in Korea.

  2. Had a white guy surprised I don’t listen to rap. He said how can he and I don’t like it. I told him because when that rapper says he’s gonna kill you and take your girlfriend. He’s not talking to whites, he’s talking to us blacks

  3. I believe we're the same age, but in our lifetime we've seen the drastic change of hip hop from clean fun as well as the social problems to the gangster rap and heavy sexual content. There are a lot of people that can relate to the negative hip hop because of their predicament, but at the same time they don't want to continuously live it. On the other hand, where people comes from a close-knit family and live in upscale neighborhoods are looking for something different and yet "cool". In some cases some people want to make it their reality. This is how powerful music can be utilized. As far as the Black Conscious Community, that doesn't make sense at all. I'm definitely in 100% agreement with you.

  4. Mr. Honor,
    I am writing this to inform you that your message was so powerful that you now owe me money ;)>> I usually go for my rehab run in the week with my headphones on, normally I listen to rap music because I equated that with giving me enough energy to make it through my run but after listening to your message I erased EVERY SINGLE rap song on my Ipod. I am sterilizing my mind in order to germinate positivity in my life. I grew up in NYC (Brooklyn to be exact) and rap music was such a big part of my life that I naturally became desensitized to the lyrics. But one must be cognizant that when the rapper refers to women in derogatory terms it must include myself. I felt like I was experiencing cognitive dissonance and sought to remove it from my life. I was very saddened when I had to delete all those songs because hip hop was such a great big part of my upbringing but what I realize is those aren't lyrics those were merely toxins put on wax. I had to put that side of my life to rest, so I had a moment of silence and finally got rid of them. Thank you for forcing me to take the red pill.

    A woman looking for new songs smile

  5. Yes white people do support it the most thats only becuase proportionately white people make up the most amount of people in the USA so obviously that is where the incentive comes from. Only 13 % of people are black in the USA so obviously they are not going to have a major infulence even though it is there kind of music.

  6. To comment on the music portion…I believe that people want to hear that trash. I say that because those stations have the largest following, people are buying tickets to those concerts, making videos of them dancing to the music etc.

  7. It's way deeper than money.. they don't need the money they print at the top.. the music is one of many tools they use to show and father our dehumanization on a domestic and international scale to eventually justify a mass extermination.. sounds crazy till u go research all of those "contingency plans" such as Rex 84 and NDAA..and this literally only scratches the surface.. u gotta be smarter than that Lennon… there are only two types of people who say "it's about the money"… disinformation agents and those who just don't see the bigger picture

  8. This resonated with me so much. Being a Millennial and growing up hearing the music you're describing and being surrounded by other people in school who listen to that type of music actively you're spot on. I see how it effects their mental attitudes and behaviors in general because they are very ignorant. I'm glad I developed an awareness of my mind and am able to perceive music and it's relation to people in a different light! Amazing video Mr.Honor more people need to watch your videos!

  9. I wish you were my Uncle. My family is filled to the brim with ignorant, selfish, unconscience $#*! who do nothing for others.

    You are articulate, and straightforward. I hope you keep spreading awareness: we need your voice.

  10. I believe the black conscious community have capitulated to the worse forms of black street culture that has enable them to tolerate and practice the lifestyles of the cultural norms that gangsta rap embodies. One thing that I noticed that conscious black rappers from the old school do not critique and directly talk about the negative impact that old school hip hop gangsta groups have had on the black community. I'm not going to name any names but when the movie "Straight Outta Compton" came out, I was expecting a famous rapper from a famous black conscious rap group and a well known black female from the black conscious community to speak about that movie. I heard nothing from them. It's apparent to me that "NWA," and particularly the members Ice Cube and Dr.Dre have attained certain amount of power in the entertainment industry and that powerful people are backing them. So, there must be some consequences for old school conscious rappers to hold "NWA" accountable directly. It would have been very nice to hear from this particular well known black female to speak on how NWA music has affected black females. Things that make you say HMMMMM.

  11. brother you make a lot of good points but going off on the conscious community as a whole is ludicrous, especially when a lot of your points mirror theirs. you seem to be adopting a bourgeoise stance while appropriating grassroots issues as your own. Don't toss the baby out with the bathwater.

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