November 2, 2023
Mutabaruka Speaks "The Arabs and Moors  Enslaved Africans Way Before The Europeans"

26 thoughts on “Mutabaruka Speaks "The Arabs and Moors Enslaved Africans Way Before The Europeans"

  1. Muta chatting shit as always. Islam is against slaveryā€¦think about that for awhile !!! He doesnā€™t even know the proper pronunciation of the greeting. Islam is for every nation. In fact the prophet saw Africans as so important and of a high regard; that he sent his followers to that continent firstly.

  2. Islamic history never condoned for slavery because it's been bred from the Abrahamic faith,people accepted Islam willingly but never because they were forced into slavery then later changed.
    Arabs had the custom of taking slaves from Africa but never introduced them to Islam,until 1400 plus years ago when the Islamic prophet Muhammad P.B.U.H invited them to Islam through his teachings.

    It was a good lesson from the beginning until we got to that little incorrect part.

  3. Go read the Muslim holy book.mohamed the last messenger of god freed the slaves his stepmother was a black woman.mohamed made the captain of the Arab army a black man named yazid.god said in the holy book the Qur'an there is no difference between an Arab and non Arab except by piouty.slavery is against islam.did some Arabs had slaves yes so did some black people they had slaves too.but Islam is against slavery read what God and Mohammed say about it.muslims and Arabs and amazigh brown people built north Africa and defended Africa from europe for thousands of people and Arabs are very close got a long and lived in peace more than anyone else.

  4. That's not right, Islam freed. Africans and there are many Muslim Africans the first who call the prayer was Bilal I habeshi he was a black man, Islam is the religion of all humans, especially my African brothers

  5. Look at this mane face without his Grey hair and look at the condition of his teeth at his age, truly hear what I'm saying and tell me living off the land and just being a carbonated being aging isn't the same as any European in world recorded history. BLACK DONT CRACK. BLACK POWER

  6. Thing most donā€™t get is that the Arabs and the Europeans have always had ties since ancient timesā€¦ They are related through the same ancestry.. Same organization, descendants of the Vikings.. Theyā€™ve been sacrificing their own people by sending them to fight their wars since ancient times.. The black moors which are the Americans today were corrupt tbh and were put in charge to run the program ā€œon the surfaceā€, until they lost their nobility and got thrown in with the black slaves and the white slaves got white privileged

  7. Why lie on the Ancient Egyptians?? Afrocentrists have to stop lying on the Ancient Egyptians, your brainwashed sir.
    Jamaicans are West African origins your ancestors had no idea Egypt existed. "Arab" lol Egyptians are not even Arab only 17% of it's population are people's of Arabian origins.
    The majority are literally the same people's since Antiquity I've researched thousands of Ancient Egyptian images it's 8,000 years history with multi-ethnic people's all around the land, West Eurasian-Natufian-Mesopotamian groups of the Nile Delta, (Nubians from Kush-Aswan(Mota people's), they even had Pre Dynastic wars between North and South (Lower Egypt-Upper Egypt) was separate over 5,000 years ago before Pharaoh Narmer unified the two,
    Egypt is a big land with thousands of miles (Transcontinental country) spanning theĀ northeast corner of Africa andĀ southwest corner of AsiaĀ via aĀ land brindgeĀ formed by theĀ Sinai Peninsula. It is bordered by theĀ Mediterranean SeaĀ toĀ the north, theĀ Gaza StripĀ ofĀ PalestineĀ andĀ IsraelĀ toĀ the northeast, theĀ Red SeaĀ to the east,Ā SudanĀ toĀ the south, andĀ LibyaĀ toĀ the west. It always had Middle East type people's-farmers there wether you Agree or not.

  8. Thank you so much for sharing this important information, young people need to know how the abrahamic religions have treated God's children around the world the abrahamic organized crime religions committed the same atrocities in America.

  9. Black also enslaved themselves too. Wealthy black leaders would enslave poorer groups. Slavery was not about race it was about status. Arabs also enslaved poorer Arab tribes.

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