December 1, 2021

34 thoughts on “My bigger pig farm site and the cost in Ekiti Nigeria

  1. Why do people always try to compare rural kids in Africa to urban kids in America? We don't use machetes in America. We use a tool called a swing blade to cut weed if a mower is not available. Rural life is the same no matter in Nigeria, Mississippi, Australia, Jamaica or Guyana. A man, his tools and the environment.

  2. Pig farming is a beautiful and lucrative business. I am into fish and chicken. With good management you will make a shit tonne of money. You don't need export. Nigeria have extreme food shortage problems that's why they import and that is why food is expensive. Start small. Learn the ropes. Challenges and grow. You don't need to package and sell. Just focus on breeding and supplying directly to markets. You can do your own marketing or get a spot in the market like I did. Then grow your capital and expand into other value chains like packaging. Trying to do everything at once will put a lot of weight on you. Good luck👊. You will be rich. Nigeria needs what You are doing and demand is higher than supply.

  3. Brother you have great business vission,pig,fish and farming general are money making machine in Nigeria.
    But stay closer to manage your investment for making good profit,Nigeria market are Huge,good luck,brother.

  4. Okay so I think I love you! 😭 I’m Nigerian but even the idea of moving back home scared me because of the media, but honesty your content is amazingg! Keep it coming. My sister introduced you to me, you definitely need to reach more people. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us!!

    One question, are there no snakes in the grass? Because I remember Nigeria used to have snakes everywhere and anywhere 😅

  5. Hello bro. Nice to see you back at home, i suggest you look into cow rearing with that expanse of land, buy the calfs cheap and rear them, they can easily graze on grass it. Thats another good MONEY SPINNER { cow ranching}

  6. Ekiti state in Yorubaland has one of the most fertile land and also peaceful. You chose the right place to repatriate. May I also suggest you buy a land in Lagos too or buy a flat in already built too. The reason is In case you travel back to Nigeria at night,because of distance,you might need a place in Lagos to relax before you embark on your journey to Ekiti state. Most people do that. I love what you are doing. ❤️❤️❤️

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