September 20, 2021

21 thoughts on “My castor oil seed farm site on my double plot in Nigeria

  1. Thanks for the information very helpful. What you said is the truth. I also have my castor seed field, moringa dates and palm. I have started harvesting my castors. When I started people thought h I was crazy but now they are admiring me as I harvest the fruits of my labor. Thanks once again.

  2. Moving forward you may want to invest in a small tractor for your farm. And to rent out to help other farmers, just thinking out loud. Land seem quite loose enough and fertile.

  3. You are in the most fertile state in Nigeria. That state sustained the West region in the 60s with Cocoa. The land next to you has Cocoa yam. The man is testing his gun powder. He’s probably an Hunter. Hunter in Yoruba is called “Ode”. Love what you doing.❤️

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