September 22, 2023
My Harassment Chronicles #cia #fbi #cointelpro #gangstalking #stassi #targetedindividual #nypd

Here are a myriad of my recurring harassment issued by echelons of our society that have ties to security .

Homeland security , cia , fbi , local law enforcement all work in collusion to psychologically harass me thus provoking a cantankerous response to give Credence to a portfolio designed with lies to taint my image .


17 thoughts on “My Harassment Chronicles #cia #fbi #cointelpro #gangstalking #stassi #targetedindividual #nypd

  1. Fugazi false responders..🤣🤣🤣With all the names and great music, this has to be the most inspirational perp portrayal channel on YouTube..Thanks brotha, keep up the good work…

  2. so my gag stalkers stole my trash this morning then they ripped open the bag only to find toliet paper containing male spermazoa that my bf used to wipe himself after he blew my coochie walls to smithereens…the gag stakers thought they found my liquids so they started to sniff and lick the sticky specimen …i could see them in the back yard lighting a meth pipe and licking the sticky pucky and saying''hey bob…her poom poom juice is tasting sweeter and sweeter by the day,,we gotta get her start pissing in juggs too''

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