September 18, 2023
My Reflections on The Gambia      #gambia #africanamericans #repatriation #RaisingTheVibe

32 thoughts on “My Reflections on The Gambia #gambia #africanamericans #repatriation #RaisingTheVibe

  1. The spraying of the planes before take-off and when new passengers embark is routine on flights.
    On buying souvenirs and other goods, I would window shop first and not buy if it doesn't fit my budget or my negotiating skills are low. Rule of thumb, the fourth price is likely closer to the mark, but also try not to get it dirty cheap. Locals could likely assist in negotiating a good price. The purveyor of goods also needs a living wage.
    In most places, locals are charged cheaper to encourage local patronage, that's how tourism business goes.
    I feel bad about your experience but there are 53 other African countries with varying economic conditions and similar welcoming and friendly people. All the best.

  2. It’s funny how when Americans go to Africa and experience inflated prices, they call it “scamming” and being “ripped off”, but in the United States, corporations,companies, and businesses do it consistently in every single industry, product, and service, and they will have you feeling good, thinking you’re getting something BOGO, on sale, or on clearance, yet, we are taught to see their prices as “retail value” and as “profit margins”.

    I no longer live in the United States, and I don’t live in any African nation anymore either, but living outside of the US makes you realize how much of a scam the US is, and how Americans are consistently being ripped off on EVERYTHING from food, to clothes, to furniture, housing, childcare, and everything else we buy. But Americans only refer to pricing in other nations as “scams” and “rip offs”.

    Besides that, thanks for sharing your truth about Gambia. Too many Black Americans on YouTube refuse to tell the truth about their experiences trying to live in African countries.

  3. YOu shouldn't be allowed to travel without a professional escort who understands how travelling works, that way you wouldn't be so stressed about what is quite simply travelling

  4. Sister why are you guys going to Gambia? Haven’t you guys seen enough unwelcoming videos. The country is not even welcoming our brothers and sisters there and they are robbing African Americans and what is the authorities doing about it? So why not go to another African country that is more welcoming and have an infrastructure like Ghana. Ghana’s president is always welcoming his ancestry children back home. May God always bless this man and his family. I pray he has a long life. I am an American black Registered nurse planning my way to Ghana. Come and join my family let’s do business. I don’t see what anyone is seeing in Ghambia. I watch many videos especially the Bagleys and I don’t get it. You sound very intelligent and sound like a go getter but you should never go where your not welcome period we have had enough challenges in America to know better. It just seems like Ghambia is not ready for us nor are the interested in a relationship with helping each other so cut your losses it’s ok part of business and the Bagleys should cut their losses and move to better environment. They would have been a lot further by now had they took their skills, money and time to Ghana. Many blessings sister.

  5. Check out Rwanda and Ghana they are on the move with innovation, science and technology and they are welcoming African Americans to return home take your time, skills set and your money there. Don’t share it with countries that is not willing to participate in a mutual helpful relationship. I have friends that moved to TZ and it was difficult for them because of the language barriers, difficult to do business and the government is not really helping them with making policies to assist in the transition. Establish a spiritual connection and remember money is an energy as well that has to be directed in the right direction in order to be successful so it’s important to spend it in the right place.

  6. I sat on a flight for two hours once that was eventually cancelled.
    I wasn't accommodated with a hotel and had to sleep at the airport until my flight the next day….this happened in America.
    I understand how things run in these countries therefore i prepare to pay more than ppl who can hardly afford stuff.
    I can't imaging haggling over $300 dalasi for a dress that i know cost 200 dalasi.

  7. I just wonder Why most black Americans love to complain n talk a lot.There is always an issue with everything with these people.Whenever they visit African or any country out of America there is complaint,issue n too much talk from them.

  8. Hey folks!!!Africa's future does not depend on black Americans or even white Americans or even European.Africa's future depend on its young people only proper Africans ,Yes n managing properly its natural resources n doing Good Trade with the World.Period!!!!! God bless Africa.

  9. So sorry you had to go through this. I've had to deal with it also. What's sad is, if you were a white person from Europe, you wouldn't have experienced these problems. Colonialism has damaged these people in ways that they don't even understand. It's sad. Try Rawanda or South Africa. Thank me later.

  10. Don’t give up on Gambia. Just like changing the mindset of diasporas to see the value in reconnecting to Africa the mindset of some Africans also need improvement. That’s the key to all of this is changing the mindset of people to see the bigger picture.

  11. Every flight I have been on leaving from Banjul to Europe we have had someone spray inside the aircraft. Thy have always sprayed for mosquitoes even before covid struck. It doesnt happen on flights departing from Europe or the USA.

  12. ADOS at least know where you are going. If the Gambians don't get it from you ,then how do they get it.

    65% of the population live below the national poverty line, and 80% of the poor are between 18 and 35 years old, and unemployment is pervasive.

  13. Sorry for the bad experience with Brussels airline. I will tell you are not the only that gone through with problems with this airline, couple of years ago i have to missed my flight because they said i have to be at the airport 3 hours early because 1 hr before the flight leave all checking for brussels airline closed. i have to wait for another week with a penalty fees. This is not new with brussels airline, Gambians from the west who have been travelling for decades know what am talking about.
    All the rip off you talking about in Gambia is not rip off. YOU in control you either buy it or not .Nobody is forcing you, because there is no price control, they have their product you have your money. Is just like buying anything in airports in the USA they prices are jerk up, same as in the bars and restaurants drinks are way over price. Do you call them out that they scamming or ripping you off, why complaining about little dollar changes in the continent. The Whole world know the continent or Gambia is having extreme poverty but at the same time there are thousands of rich Gambians out there. Same as the USA there are rich and poor people. Not all Gambians are hungry because 99.5 Gambians you met or pass by didn't beg you for nothing , they peacefully minding their business. The few locals and greedy Gambians don't qualify you to degrade all . My car window just got smashed two months ago in the USA and it cause me more than $3000 to fix but i didn't frustrate me or make me go around and say Americans are criminals and thieves. YOU ARE FOR REAL SPOIL MAMA AND AA LIKE YOU DONT NEED TO BE IN THE CONTINENT . STAY IN AMERICA WITH YOU SPOILED KIDS . Say that i dont think my kids will want to go back to the Gambia. GAMBIA DIDN"T CALL YOU and KEEP YOUR CHICKEN CHANGES CENTS , GAMBIANS IN WEST ARE TAKING CARE OF THEIR OWN PEOPLE WAY BEFORE YOU WAS BORN. AFRICA IS NOT FOR ALL AA, you have to be patient, humble and down to earth to fit in not being greedy with $5 to $10 poor local or traders are getting from you and you here venting like they took millions from you.

  14. The charges for the COVID-19 testing that's really sad, some people be like oh people overcharge you everywhere but it's an overcharge for everybody but not because of who you are or where you come from.

  15. I am in absolute SHOCK and DISGUST listening to this video. I seriously cannot believe what I am hearing. "I know you're impoverished, I know you're hungry, that's why we're here" … ARE YOU INSANE ??? Why are our people like this, you are no one's savior !!

    Of course people from America or any developed nation gets hustled and haggled for money when we are in developing countries. This happens everywhere on this planet where there is a dynamic of people being viewed has having less/more. None of this is about you or Africa, it's it's world we live in and will happen in Asia, Latin America, the Caribbean, Eastern Europe .. literally anywhere where you are viewed as coming from a world with more. Spraying on the airplanes in or leaving Africa is to prevent the spread of Malaria, Zika, West Nile and other disease carried by mosquitoes from being transported out of there. The reason this didn't happen in Brussels is because there are no epidemic of diseases in Brussels carried by mosquitoes!!!! This was not about you either ma'am ..

    The reason you experienced flights being canceled out of Banjul was not about you either nor was it about honoring Africans or Europeans. It's money! Very few people travel to and from Banjul so the flights are consolidated, this is common everywhere on the planet when flying in and out of small countries where very few people visit. There were not many people on your flight from Brussels to the U.S. and that flight wasnt canceled because the money will be made on the return from the U.S back to Europe. If there were not enough ticket booked for that planes return from America back to Europe, your flight out of Brussels would have been canceled too!

    There is so much ignorance, entitlement and self-centeredness in this video, in all of your videos actually, that you'll probably never understand how much of an embarrassment you are to "our people" because you are that ignorant, entitled and self-centered.

    "I know you're impoverished, I know you're hungry, that's why we're here" .. this is disgusting and screams superiority and I'm sure you transmitted this energy the entire time you were there. YOU ARE EMBARRASSING !!

  16. That is so not true, watch the airport shows in the U.S and see for yourself, when things are wrong I want them corrected, But that statement is reaching too far.🤦🏾‍♀️

  17. Good morning. I believe we are doing well* .
    Nothing changes if you don't take a step. Those who wait for things to happen never see change.*

    It's either you take opportunities or make excuses including procrastination . If you want or desire to do anything, it should be NOW.

  18. U.S. Embassy in Banjul assessed The Gambia as being a HIGH-threat location for crime. But, what is more, troubling is that, since 2020, the growing wave of serious crimes; murder, armed robberies, human trafficking, and drug smuggling in the country has grown astronomically far above the rate identified last year.

  19. First of all let me offer my apologies from the comment I made on your last video I take back what I said I realize you are very thorough and have done your homework and in fact you have experienced the exact same things I went through on my trip in October of 2020 to November I wish you all the best on your travels I'm going to be going back to Africa but not likely to Gambia and I agree with everything in all of the videos I've watched thus far that you made kudos to you for being informed and sharing the information

  20. Your experiences in the Gambia are no different to other people's experiences across the world when it comes to face to face scamming. You think the Gambia is bad then go to Nigeria. Nigeria makes the Gambia look like a small state and not a country. Everyone is flocking to tiny the Gambia but Africa is a massive continent to experience and very diverse from north to south and east to west but the scam is always the same. People are hungry and no money. If we was in there shoes i believe we would do the same. So here's some advice. To be fair, when given a price is given for an item your purchasing, just half it. I personally don't mind paying a bit more but not being brutally ripped off….. Scamming all over the world is a part of every day life. Jamaica is no different……✋

  21. The rip off issues, it is not a really rip off. i can tell you this system is not only in Africa but third world nations, there is a thing we called TOUBAB (white people) price or African price. so if you don't know you think is rip off, it isn't. don't take it personal. They don't know you so it happens in every third world nations. It isn't about you or your children it is the system. They are not bad people but trying to make living. I hope you understand that these people are under hardship trying to make living. There is no minimum wage. Hope your family understand and one go back to visit at least. You are always welcome in your motherland. Remember you are all Africans.

  22. That's why they were giving you all the run-around at the airport. They were probably waiting for you all to get hungry, and buy the over-priced food. lol Please stop begging backward people to accept you all. I'm glad you didn't have to suffer any worst than you all did. Lesson learned, I hope.

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