December 4, 2021

30 thoughts on “My Wife Thinking Of Building A Tiny House Movement In The Gambia

  1. You two are speaking my language. Tiny home and Vanlife. I am so interested in tiny homes because I am all about minimalism. I believe Africa and third world countries used to build small homes until recently. This will help alleviate the housing crisis in Africa.

  2. I'm on a small pension and while listening to you, I just wish I was in a position to help financially but was glad to hear you encourage us to help by watching the ads. It's been encouraging listening to your reasoning today, QJ&AP. You make it sound workable. Yes, the ads can be "lang an all dat" (JA patois 😁) but if I don't let any other ads play through, I promise to endure those played on your channel. I wish you much success in all your endeavours. Keep it coming dears. Shalom!!!!

  3. Love the idea for a tiny home but seeing that your gonna reveal stuff on Patron that we can't see here on you tube,good luck I have been following you from day one..I will now unsubscribe…Sorry.

  4. Family,nice idea,but be mindful of the destruction storms can do to tiny homes.I grew up in a tiny mud house and had sleepless nights during Rainy Season for fear the wind or water would destroy the house.
    Just the thought of that period during my teens bring me to tears. Its a secret I kept.I feel so secure now I sleep like a baby during any type of weather.So be mindful🛖

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