May 29, 2023
Nana Akua: Black Lives Matter is a scam

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30 thoughts on “Nana Akua: Black Lives Matter is a scam

  1. I really like Nana, I respect her opinion here. But can someone explain the evidence for how the BLM is a Marxist organisation? It's often said. I've seen some people write in support of the BLM who quote Marxist ideas, but they are not in the BLM. Could someone explain all this to me? How to we know they want a revolution or to follow the principles of the far left, or Marx?

  2. He's quite good at tossing his balls I've heard, saying he suffered racial abuse and he has dark skin is rubbish, just ignore him, we love you xx And you're right I get sick of hearing about the do gooder white people protesting and supposedly sticking up for black people etc. I'm sure black people are perfectly capable of sticking up for themselves.

  3. BLM played right into the Whitehouse's hands, just as I suspected they would. After Floyd's murder, the initial call for action was for a police reform. This isn't such a bad idea, since groups such as Asian – both Far and Middle Eastern – as well as the Latino community suffer at the hands of some officers, equally as much as the black community.

    However, this call for a fairer police force was hilariously steamrolled by BLM: who screamed black victimhood and fuelled racial division, whilst looting, burning and murdering, largely in black neighbourhoods. Amongst all the chaos, the Whitehouse conveniently let it slide for the most part, until something new attracted the public's attention; because the alternative would have been to have invested much more money, time and resources into a true police reformation, than to simply repair a few infrastructures. BLM shot their own political cause in the back.

  4. I think a lot of the left wing white folk used blm as an opportunity to show they had black friends when in reality it's probably the complete opposite.

  5. My daughter told me I couldn’t possibly understand the black lives matter movement because I’m from a privileged white background, I couldn’t possibly understand how an uneducated unqualified white council house kid that started working at the age of 15 and went on to work for 51 years, 50 of them working nightshifts could be classed as privileged.

  6. The irony. She says what you believe silences your voice. Meanwhile, as of now almost 100,000 people have heard your voice which is more, vastly more than 99.9% of the world will ever experience. Lol. Duh …

  7. Exactly how I live my life; I like you or I don't regardless of the vessel you're in and we need more brave people like Nana speaking with conviction and without fear

  8. I TOTALLY agree with you NaNa so much!!! ALL LIVES MATTER !! And I am person of colour!! I totally HATE BLM and what they stand for.. the whole world was conned by those idiots!!

  9. A scam that bought one of the Marxist founders a mansion.

    Their token martyr was a career criminal whos atrocities included holding a gun to a pregnant womans stomach

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