September 22, 2023
Nation Building, Repatriation, Reparations = Africa

2 thoughts on “Nation Building, Repatriation, Reparations = Africa

  1. SeeGold Empire is creating inlivegenus (indigenous) family/community spaces on the Godtinent of “Africa”. These private sustainable healing spaces will incorporate community gardens, ecologically designed recording studios, cultural “homeschooling”, foraging of wild edible foods, etc. Our motive is to raise the collective mind/spiritual awareness of the Earth and remind all of the original inlivegenus essence of humanity through various forms of art and our overall Livity. We appreci8 all genuine support, whether it be joining the movement/family, being a supporter of the movement, or any form of love and energy you feel you can share. We are open to all donations/offerings, sponsors, and angel investors to help us in making this vision a reality. Feel free to link us for more information on how to enter a bond with the Empire. We welcome iou to grow with us in heaven on Earth and inify within the spirit of the Highest i. 👁💚$seegoldent

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