NATURAL BLACK HAIR–The Powers of Afro's and Dredlocks

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  1. What about mix people hair? can the mix race connect to the havens also? Is this only for the true negro/ black men and women? If we are fist race of people and have this spiritual connection to the havens, do this mean we are the only true black men and women can connect to the havens only?

  2. I am so happy to have found your channel. I can resonate.
    Does colouring our hair negatively affect our cosmic communication? I saw an old photo of a native American Indian woman, and noticed how she had two braids with white hair extension/ribbon. Although the hair was straight, they were a spiritual people, so I wonder what the significance is. Afro hair is also described as white as snow in the Bible, interesting.

    Also, hair transplants for restoring the hairline, where the donor hair is taken from the back of the head has become very popular, I wonder if there are any side effects from that.. hmm

  3. this is a brother speaking. not only am I a black man, priest king, I'm also a gatekeeper. I just purchased your book words of power. Everywhere I go I spread the truth of your majesty when the opportunity presents itself. its an a honor to remember from you. I go the download to lock my hair ages ago. finally have beautiful locks. anyway. love you. I would love to do an event in sedona, az.

  4. nubian egyptian is part aramic as amharic is.alot of words are identical to ancient egyptian.southern egyptian is aramic of sort.they were records your drugs vitamin and health.theres a scorn on egyptian cirly hair lately.dont know why.cant explain why straighteners got in the shampoo.smell it.constant scorn on our sweet good looks.seem to be forever told,bleach your hair blonde and look swedish.oh my god.


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