Neuromodulation for Higher-States of Consciousness – It's Finally Here | Dr. Jeffery A. Martin

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Jeffery A. Martin, PhD is an academic researcher, serial entrepreneur, technologist, and investor who specializes in advancing the highest forms of human wellbeing. For over a decade he has conducted the largest international study on persistent non-symbolic experience (PNSE), which includes the types of consciousness commonly known as: enlightenment, nonduality, the peace that passeth understanding, unitive experience, and hundreds of other terms. This resulted in the first reliable, cross-cultural and pan-tradition classification system for these types experience. More recently, he has used this research to make systems available to help people obtain profound psychological benefits in a rapid, secular, reliable, and safe way.

Jeffery is also the founder of the Transformative Technology space, which has grown to become a multi-billion dollar ecosystem that promotes the use of science and technology to substantially raise human mental and emotional wellbeing. He conceived of the space, co-founded the first academic TransTech lab, its first conference, taught the first university-level course, organized the earliest investor meetings, and many other firsts. He serves as a formal and informal advisor to a wide range of companies and other organizations in the space, is an active early-stage investor, and is a frequent public speaker on TransTech related topics.

In addition to his wellbeing work, Jeffery is a bestselling author and award-winning educator who has authored, co-authored, or co-edited over 20 books. His work has regularly been featured at leading academic conferences worldwide, as well as major public forums such as Wisdom 2.0, H+, the Science and Nonduality Conference, the Asia Consciousness Festival, and TEDx. He has been covered in media as diverse as the South China Morning Post and PBS’s Closer to Truth, and been an invited speaker at many top universities including: Harvard, Yale, Stanford, University of London, and the National University of Singapore. He is currently the Director for the Center for the Study of Non-Symbolic Consciousness and a Research Professor and Director at the Transformative Technology Lab in Silicon Valley.



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Comment (3)

  1. In my view, IF you can teach people how and when to modulate/deactivate the Default Mode networks, THEN you have a much greater ability to be happy yet learn from your mistakes and near misses.of disaster. Towards that end, simpe neurofeedback and low energy stim protocols can be the answer when combined with meditation.

  2. The fundamental error in this talk is that the people portrayed as being more happy, achieved this state by right motivation, efford, concentration, morality and understanding. (casually mentioned here as another way to get there). These virtues are (for at least the most part) the reason they achieved this "more happy" state. Dr. Martin's goal, it seems, is to get a lawn as green as the neighbour's and still get his money back.


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