September 20, 2023
NEW: Ron Johnson Confronts FBI Director For Targeting Him With 'Set-Up' Over Hunter Biden Concerns

At today’s Homeland Security Committee hearing, (R-WI) grilled Director Christopher Wray about …


33 thoughts on “NEW: Ron Johnson Confronts FBI Director For Targeting Him With 'Set-Up' Over Hunter Biden Concerns

  1. Does the FBI keep using the excuse that it's confidential. That seems to be their answer to everything. This is clear and cut to me. Quit using Twitter if it's such a problem. They are paid PACs and to me therefore not reliable or honest. I never use Twitter nor will I even with musk running it. Same with assmagaIne etc…

  2. Those who have done harm to Americans must be prosecuted to the ends of the laws, especially if in power to control law biding employees to do more unlawful things against America and Americans !

  3. TREASON !!!! PLAIN AND SIMPLE !!! Lock them up they lied to all of us and still are!! This is my country and you are only a hired hand to do only what We The People demand !!!

  4. These hearings are a sham and a mockery of our whole government and our system of governing. This country is finished thanks to corruption and cowardice of our so called political "leaders". Stevie Wonder and Andrea Bocelli (and Helen Keller, if alive) can (and would) see the abject absurdity of the Biden Administration bowing to their Chinese communist overloads with bent knees and hands in supplication and using the FBI and CIA against US citizens. That SOB Wray needs to be removed and imprisoned for the rest of his miserable worthless life.

  5. Wray is a pathological liar and traitor to the Position he is has as FBI Director. The enemies are deep within our Republic he is one of them. Remain informed and vigilant. Keep Aiming High Always

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