Black grassroots movements have led the charge throughout the history of Black Americans fighting for equality in America. From the 1954 Civil Rights movement to the Black Power movement of the ’60s.

Since the dismantlement of the Black Panther Party for Self-Defense in 1982, no other organization composed of Black men and women has disrupted America’s white comfort. Until the NFAC (Not ****ing Around Coalition) led by the 2016 independent presidential candidate, John Fitzgerald Johnson, known as Grandmaster Jay, took formation.

The NFAC is featured in this news show about Militias In America. While many others refuse to accept the truth the real world is smart not to ignore.

The NFAC has the attention of the world in both good and bad ways. The fear of this organization keeps being highlighted in global stories since it is a global organization.

This Black Militia demonstrated in Lafayette on Oct. 3, in response to U.S. Rep. Clay Higgins’ recent threats to personally shoot and kill them.


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