May 29, 2023
NFL Players Black Lives Matter video

33 thoughts on “NFL Players Black Lives Matter video

  1. Hypocritical and exclusive at best. At worst? Cry babies. Native Americans got it worst of all and still they dont get any respect. If it weren't for Native languages, we'd all be half German or Japanese. This "movement" smells like a movement. Pure Nonsense. Jim Thorpe overcame way more and did way more in this country of racists than these cry babies. All peoples have been mistreated at one time or another, you are not unique or entitled. Get over it.

  2. seeing some of these comments thinkin it’s funny or weird etc is disrespectful clearly y’all take this as a joke when it’s not cuz if it were u or ur family u wouldn’t be laughin y’all would never know how it feels to be a minority and it shows

  3. Lets just be real for a moment, most of the "victims" on the BLM website were shot and killed because they were in the wrong. Also, had most, not all, of these "victims" just done what they were asked to by police, they would probably be alive today. And one more thing, I do not care about your political views, you are payed to play a GAME. Stop using the field/court as your own personal propaganda machine. I have not watched my favorite sports because i want to watch you play a GAME, not throw propaganda in my face. You want to share political views, do it somewhere else, not during the games! I'm tired of this shit.
    BLM is a good message but a terrible organization. You all should be ashamed of yourselves for supporting such trash. They don't care about black lives and neither do you for supporting such nonsense!!! Shame on all of you!!! Plus what about all the black lives that have been taken by other black people, I don't see you supporting them. Black children are killed everyday from gang violence, where is their support?!!!

  4. All lives matter and they matter to Jesus Christ the son of God. I am not racist. You NFL players are children of God. And your knees are going to bow down before the Lord Jesus Christ one day. But I do not want to watch the NFL or the NBA anymore. It's gotten so political. It used to be fun to watch back in the day. So may God bless each and every one of you.

  5. Do they really feel this way ? Or do certain black lives matter? The lack of outrage when when black lives are lost everyday makes me think there's an agenda. These football players including my star receiver are trying not to get on the sharp end of the cancel culture knife. Me thinks 🤔

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