From his critically acclaimed “Talisman” (1997). Grand bassist that was instrumental in Bozi Boziana’s Anti Choc success (1986-1989). He and rhythm guitarist, Lokassa Ya M’Bongo, were the founders of Soukous Stars in late 1989.

Vocals: Petit Noe, Nyboma Canta, Ballou Canta, Diane Solo
Solo Guitarist: Nene Tchakou Mandosi, Caien Madoka (Shereen)
Rhythm Guitarist: Bansimba Baroza (song), Lokassa Ya M’Bongo (sebene), Caien Madoka (Shereen)
Bassist: Ngouma Lokito Shungu Omba
Drums: Djudjuchet
Programmed Drums: Michel Lorenz
Percussion: Mavungu
Animation: Claudio Massaki


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