November 26, 2022

25 thoughts on “Nigeria Recalls Indonesian Envoy, Kenya Airways to Work on flying Car, Shell Pay $111m for Oil Spill

  1. Africans should not allowed any country that mistreat Africans in their ountry to operate freely in Africa. If you do not treat these foreigners the same way they treat Africans with disrespect in their countries they will continue to think you are idiots and the disrespect of Africans will continue. Enough is enough stop allowing yourselves to be taken for a fool even in your own continent. Just saying sorry is not enough retaliation is justified because these acts of humiliating Africans is not by accident, it is the way they feel that Africans have do not deserve to be treated with respect. Stop allowing foreigners to treat Africans as second class even when they come to Africa. Wake up African youths and accept no less from foreigners because you are as good as them. Expect to be treatetreat with equal respect. Wake up and don't be fools to any foreigner. Africa is your only continent and homeland. Shell should be made to pay compensation to allthe damage to the environment and livelihood . What they did in Nigeria they cannot do in their home countries. I know they have been able to get away with murder because of bribery and corruption. SHAME.

  2. Never let a good insult go to waste. Being offended and prideful feels good for the moment. Don't swallow the insult either, chew it and break it down to it's pieces. They don't value or lives. They don't believe we are due much respect. They think we're weak. They know there isn't much we can do but put on a performance. Does that hurt my dear Africans? But does it hurt ENOUGH to make sure that we are strong, that we aren't disrespected, that we value our own lives? Trump called our countries shitholes. That was a good one. Don't let a good insult go to waste. Remember that.

  3. I am watching your video from Pakistan I went to Indonesia on a vacation in 2010 Jakarta and Bali my favourite place is Bali when I saw the video of the Nigerian diplomatic I was very shocked I think the mistake has done from two side because when you are in a different country won some Police officers ask you for your passport ID card, you should show them without any problem and the problem is the next the Indonesia Police didn't come their self down and take it normal so that's my opinion I hope Nigeria and Indonesia relax and continue the friendship However I think Indonesian should work on how to talk or deal with people with respect because in the video what I saw this is not the way to treat any personβ€οΈπŸ‡²πŸ‡¨πŸ‡΅πŸ‡°πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬β€οΈ

  4. I was disappointed the Indonesian didn't break his jaw when you treat your people like animals at home and the people fight back but you kill them because you have the gun so i say thanks to Indonesian good job i only smile when other nation bully our leader mad people everywhere.

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  6. The way to go Africa has to do it's own thing not just about isolating from the west noo building a independent future means sticking with your crazy but well thought out ideas

  7. Uganda president is one of the most lunatic dictators of all time, yet you sing his praise. We need to be honest with one another in Africa, if not we would never move forward as people

  8. African leaders must never allowed anyone of African decent to the tired by ICC "how many western countries and North American leaders tried for wars crimes .African is their own worst enemy,.

  9. Does the AU have a CC? If not, it should get one. Europeans nor Asians send their people to Afrika for judgement. Afrika should divest from all things "International" until we acquire power.

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