December 7, 2021


  1. South Africa Thoroughly Deserved That Win And Looked Stronger From the Start But Do You Seriously think the referee's penalty calls were wrong? and was Nigeria's goal wrongly disallowed for offside?

  2. Can these women get decent salaries and credit for the wonders they do. Bafana bafana is a disgrace and banyana is our hope. I think it no fair now they've proved them selves many time.

  3. One thing about this South African team is they are very skillful and love to dribble individually so they can make a physical opponent look silly, look at the third goal u get two defenders bumping into each other total confusion

  4. women football is what we need in this continent of Africa, very impressed with women's football for a change, it will empower young women across the continent of Africa and the world at large.

  5. Poor performance.. Alozie is not a defender, why is Waldrum forcing it? Rita is a very old woman, why do coaches prefer her? Oparanozie has lost all her pace, Oshoala failed to come to the party, defense was attrocious. That last penalty is very debatable, though, I don't think it should have stood.

    Anyway, it's nothing serious, Nigeria has been unserious for long, this is a lesson to learn. The coach must start by weeding all the old mamas from the team. On the other hand, while South Africa brought their full squad, Nigeria did not bring theirs – several players like Ohale, Onumonu, Payne, Ayinde(injured), Ajibade, George, Zogg. All these players were greatly missed.

    South Africa should watch out for next time, Nigeria will seriously deal with them, this, I promise.

  6. Girls Girls,banyana banyana go on girls go on, woman league we thank you,we new the day we have a woman league that our woman soccer will change, we thank SAFA the work they did to implement woman league,we going to rule woman soccer in Africa,our gold are playing South African flair, spiritual I see this team improving to match the world,we thank you girls you made us proud

  7. Wrongly disallowed goal which was neither offside nor foul. The SA second penalty was a wrong call. That was a clean tackle there. Both team played good football but luck wasn't on Falcon's side.

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