July 3, 2022

32 thoughts on “Nigerians Banned from Fighting in Ukraine, Flutterwave Africa’s Most Valuable, DJ Dimplez Dies

  1. Foreign fighter are honestly going to die. Fighting is best left to people from the country. A British guy fighting there’s phone went off and cost the lives of a lot of people. Just stay home and send support and prayers Gods will be done

  2. Replenish and multiply that’s the gift that YAH gave his children. Do not let the Ashkenazy bankers set up banking system on the continent of Africa.

  3. Anytime their is a free Visa on offer Nigerians will be in the front of the line to do whatever they have to in order to get one! They will only consider death once the bullet has embedded itself into their flesh!

  4. Африка – такой большой и разнообразный континент. Нужно странам Африки прийти к взаимопониманию и быть как единая сила!

  5. I don't know that the desperation to travel can drive some Nigerians to want to go and die… don't they know that even if they get there, they will deploy them to war front so that they can see what they came for…. mumu too much for my country

  6. Look a lot of the guns, airplanes, etc is coming from Guess where? The United States. This is a time to do business: Demand for ammunition factories etc etc. Own the business you lease out for a profit. You then have your people trained in all aspects of how the product is made etc. Make wise and profitable choices for Africa. Learn to play the white man's games to benefit Africa and Africans Immediately.

  7. Nigeria see sense. I’m sure they’ve heard of the neo nazis fighting in Ukraine. If Ukraine can stop black and Asian people from getting on trains what do you think Ukrainian fascists will do to them on the battle field..,

  8. This is not Africa's war and should not be invited as such! And more to it, we should never take sides till we know the hidden basis of this war. Research more, deeply and widely.

  9. Flutterwave headquarter is in san fransico,America and major investors are US companies. That's is not an african company. That Nigerian CEO means nothing

  10. It's known that the African is a superhuman we run marathons and finish without panting, we can fight for your country buh after what happened naah i actually would have signed up but naah

  11. Do you think Nigerians are stupid? Think again. As soon they get the visa, they will end up in Germany and wave Ukraine bye-bye. I have heard Nigerians say I can't come and kill myself, Lol.

  12. Why is the conversation of Africans fighting in Ukraine even in the air? It should already be an unspoken fact that no African will leave Africa to fight for Europe and especially Ukraine. Ridiculous that any black man would even consider this.

  13. Africa please investigate the resulting harms of invasive technologies before getting further into debt to "invest" in them. The story does not say how they are being paid for. Please investigate the entire history of oil spills in ocean water and what the real costs have been.

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