May 22, 2022

46 thoughts on “Nigeria's Afrobeats Breaks World Streaming Records Helping Spread African Music Globally

  1. This is one thing I don’t like about Nigeria. Always self glory. Afrobeat is for africans if Nigerian took it to that height due to their numbers doesn’t mean it’s “Nigerian Afrobeat” we all know why they are progressing all because they have the numbers and their industry is big. But Afrobeat is not for them, they even came in the game late

  2. Yep African music is going up big time and it has a space to grow more and more. The continent future is bright even there foods restaurants are all grown in the western countries.

  3. Well done to all Afrikan artist they are doing great work and prove that one don't have to rely on globalist (those that exploit) or degrade themselves to succeed

  4. ITS TIME AFRICA HAS THEIR OWN SOCIAL MEDIA NOW forget Youtube Spotify Facebook etc its enough where only the west has to be the market or shop where you sell stuffs. Ha ha na swear? Open an Africa Media platform better than Youtube even when it start might not be best, but soon everyone would come join. Lets for once lead in something. Oyinbo do juju for una? wetin. Why people eyes cant just open.

  5. Honestly Afrobeats is the best music out there right now. You’re missing out if you’re not tuning in. It’s pretty much all I listen to. The plethora of greatness coming out of Africa now in ALL areas is crazy but expected because it’s who we are authentically. Love from DC, USA!

  6. Oh yes. We are Out here deCOLONIZING and learning what was stoleN From us and what we were stolen FRom. We are saving our money to travel and spend THERE. We are learning countries and precolonial territories. We are getting ready to rejoin our lost family.

  7. Yet, Cameroon, Ghana and Uganda want to ban Nigerian music. I hope they are watching. Instead of them working together as one Africa and doing collabos, they are busy hating on Nigerian musicians and allowing colonial borders divide us on little things like music.

  8. The future of entertainment is in Africa and Jamaica, as Burna and Tekno is strongly influenced by Bob MARLEY and other musicians in Jamaica too,The true Rasta man teaches about Africa the land of the Gods everyday

  9. The future of entertainment is in Africa and Jamaica, as Burna and Tekno is strongly influenced by Bob MARLEY and other musicians in Jamaica too,The true Rasta man teaches about Africa the land of the Gods everyday

  10. Jamaican musicians, Luciano and Sizzla kolonji told us Africa is the best place to perform for our People cause they can connect with our people and relate to their lives rather than the European tours

  11. I really hope to make a connection with this platform as I also will be learning the dance moves , it's only the language that I have to Google to overstand/understand, and yes African music is definitely taking over the world by storm, Arize my Ancestors Arize Africa, Arize the Female Artistry too,I'm very much Proud of my people, When Africa rise the world will unite

  12. Greetings from Jamaica, I'm totally a lover of Tekno and Burna boy's Music,and others but these 2 are my very favorite ,now I'm inspired to make African music a priority in Jamaica

  13. American R&B, Jazz, Hip hop, Soul, Gospel, Dance etc.has been touching the world because of the Natural rhythm and beats that seemingly melanated people universally have that touches the core of ones being ((SPIRIT) 😇 AFRICA! its your time to take The World STAGE! For where it started, it must return…Ayeeee!🤗 🌍🦁👑💛💛💛🇺🇸🦅💖💖💖💖💖

  14. Burna boy opened my ears to Africa and now I'm hooked. I love the vibes. This is coming from someone who ancestors came to 🇺🇸 in chains in slave ships in the 1800s and doesn't have any footing in Africa.

  15. The youths of Africa are doing extremely well, but we as the youths of Africa should also engage into politics as well, and think positively for the benefit of mother Africa and her children, not to only go into politics with different intentions of selling the future of Africa but with positive mindset that will liberate the cures and suppression from over Africa. Because now, the Westerners do not want to work with old people “our leaders ” any more, they want to work with the young people because they know we are the voices and future of Africa. So they want to manipulate the mindset and want us to sell our future, so we should be very conscious and care in every intimacy.

  16. I live in Paris, and one morning a French-Russian woman lives in the same house with me, told me that she loves “Master K.G song Jerusalem ” because it’s always playing on various French Music-Televisions. That is when I knew that our Africans artists are doing extremely well in promoting the act and culture.

  17. Of course the world loves its own.
    Sing a gospel song, and everyone (mostly) will not listen to it.
    All these for vain glory.
    Jesus Christ is coming soon, very soon. Sooner than we can imagine.
    May God give the GRACE of salvation to have willing spirit to accept Jesus Christ as our LORD AND SAVIOR.
    God bless you all.

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