September 28, 2021


  1. Nupuqi Om-Re Khonectics

    Chamber 45 plus degree

    ⵉⵣⵏⴰⵜⴻ Re Zten Amittai Idren Ninu ItaI Ishai Elkhikhi Sidom

    NIMROD the ancient Nimidian ruler lead a nation of people , IRAQI , who accepted the power of the trinity and named their city Baby Lion mistakenly called Babylon . The lion represents Raqiya /Panthera Leo/ Bastet / Oubastet / Ishtar / Meri-Aset / Sekhmet / Menhit / Mut/Maat / Wadjet / Pi Ra Bast / Heqet , the women of the craft and envisioned as a fierce lioness . As the mother of the covenant , wife of Ptah, the god of architect and craftsmen the anointed of the Aten she is the woman of the craft. The mineral rock alabaster used as a craving tool and is also the base of processed plaster power. Black alabaster is a rare anhydrite form of the gypsum-based mineral found in Oklahoma , which is a ancient name that praises the mother . She is the one who holds the cornerstones together are you a Plaster stone?

  2. Salute to u SETI. I definitely appreciate u for ur time, energy and ur amazing teaching. I feel like I’m learning all over again. And I’m tryna keep up because it’s so much to learn. We love uuuu for caring and loyalty for d ppl. Thank uuu. And Happy 😃 birthday 🍰 to u.

  3. may the the ancestors stay close to you and watch you for us and the fiery spirit of Khalid, dr. Clark, Amilcar Cabral… and all the great ones that came before us stay present on u to keep on track with no divinations. peace and love…

  4. ׁׁׁׂNorth Sudan Nubians They mix people OF nilotes (South Sudan) ׁAND cushites (ethiopia) AND Arabs the (Middle East) before other nations came to the nile they ruled of nile river nilotes ׁAND cushites

  5. Salute…. Ashra Kwesi got me started back in the day…. You holding it down and taking it beyond what they did…. I’ve got PROOF that when we ask the ancestors to assist us or show us something, they will… when I was 18 I had been asking our ancestors to show me something for weeks, and when they did it was mind blowing and kinda scary at first…. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SETI

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