September 23, 2021


  1. The General be speaking my mind all the time.
    The hebrew torah is the counter-intuitive, counter-commonsense and reverse history written to demonise and neutralise or annihilate African history and all of its ancient ethnic groups while mimicking original African way of life and stealing original African identity in the same process.
    The original way of life or culture of all Ancient African ethnic groups is called "khem" or "kham" or "CHam" or "Ham" .
    "Khem" or "kham" or "Cham" or "Ham" is the original way of life of all Africans because the "nakedness" of nature was revealed to this original way of life. The "nakedness" of nature is the reflection of the innocence and righteousness of divinity thus divinity revealed through nature.
    However, "Abram" was the name of the most successful version of the invader's way of life or culture of invasion and which descended from the original culture of invasion called "Shem".When finally they succeeded in invading all Ancient primordial African ethnic groups, they hijacked the original way of life or original culture of Africans (khem/kham/CHam/Ham) and made it a slave to their culture of invasion. So their most successful culture of invasion changed from "Abram" to "Abra-Ham" which was the 1st stolen way of life they called "Hebrew". They had succeeded in stealing the original way of life of Africans but was not able to steal the original African identity until their "culture" called "Jacob" (which descended from their new culture of invasion called "Hebrew") fought with the original identity of Africans and usurped it or hijacked it to become their new stolen identity called "Israel".( NB. "AbraHam" "Isaac" and "Jacob" are the names of the three most successful versions of their new culture of invasion called "Hebrew"). The original identity of ancient Africans was implicit in their "powerful mental faculties" or mental prowess which they themselves venerated as Neteru or Orishas or Voduns or Anunnaki or Nyame etc. but the culture of the invaders called "Jacob" fought with this identity or usurped this identity and overcame it thus becoming the new stolen identity called "Israel".

  2. Wat the blac ppl gna do. Who hav children. N they hav lost their jobs. . shutdownown. Of govt. Stamps taken away. Begining february.r they gnna ship ppl 2 camps. If they ask 4 help… Grand ma of 7… Little ones

  3. Mesopotamia is Chaldees look Chaldea up their not Africans, Abraham is from Ur of the Chaldees Genesis 11:27-28 don't block me like last time on your live yesterday, dagger squad always block me on there live too yall some cowards

  4. Brother Seti I would like to introduce a lot of your videos to some of my brothers and sisters that are hook line and sinker on this god but your information is too advanced for a lot of the people. They too dumb to understand it. You should make some β€œfor dummies” videos

  5. All right bang bang on your leader YO for disrespecting a sick elder Bobby Hemmit. Nicca OG check YP….or just a YO follower. How can you call yourself a general when you got a private disrespecting ELDERS in the black community. Fuck you and fake as platform. Get on job and checked that rabbit toooth fool

  6. Great video General SETI,I loved it ❀️πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  7. This man speaks the truth and I know he is scaring the caucasian race. I found myself in the same place before I found Seti. That's how I found him. I came home from church one day and knew it and the bible was a complete lie. Why do you think the new testament describes jesus as coming back looking black. Armageddon is about the black race coming back to save the world. The 4 horseman are the other nations who will help him. The bible is coded but it is breakable.

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