December 4, 2021

25 thoughts on “Nina Simone – Fodder In Her Wings (Audio)

  1. A bird fell to earth, reincarnated from her birth
    She had a fodder in her brain
    Dust inside her wings
    She flitted here and there
    United States, everywhere
    With fodder in her wings
    And dust inside her brain
    Oh how sad Oh how sad
    Oh how sad
    She watched the people, how they lived
    They'd d forgotten how to give
    They had fodder in their brains
    Dust inside their wings
    She watched them how they tried to live
    They had forgotten how to give
    They had fodder in their wings
    Dust inside their brains
    In vain, in vain In vain!
    Songwriter: Nina Simone

  2. beautiful…is nina simone's daughtr executv of nina simone's estate?

    i pray tht all is rght-th album covr & icon for ths channl is xquisitely reflectv of th essence of nina simone…

    th gifts we now hv access to, n thez dired times, r no less divinly purposd…

    if u r enabld to acknwldg tht our unvrsl home, along wth all souls & all life came by a Hghr Powr, im askng u to call on Tht Hghst Powr to bring dwn th walls of th patriarchl/racist/captlsm complex & let arise responsbl ppl nstead, to participate n managng our unvrsl home…

    i am a ntersectnlsts & deeply appreciate yur activsm…we wud not know of th grave harm our siblngs suffr & ndure wthout yur steadfast passion, compassion & efforts…

    for th past 2 millenniums, ndgns ppl hv resistd imperlsm…we hv a library of 2000 yrs of visceral & literal knwng, culminatng til now…

    n addition to wht we've all done & r doing, im askng u to simply address yur Hghst Powr-at yur noon time & each day u r enabld & ask tht th walls of th patriarchal/racists/captlsm complex b brought dwn; asap…

    if u r also enabld, pass th word to othrs…
    i love all
    terri a.

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