December 7, 2021

27 thoughts on “No Hate For The Gambia, Just Tough Love.

  1. Hello Family Shhh, You *ll should know that life is never easy, moreover, you guys have growing kids, who still their parents support, so it is wise to start a business that will be generating some cash to run the family and take care of the kids, so stay focus and keep your head above the water with peace love and blessings

  2. Hey, fam I know your not hating on The Gambia but the tip toeing around doesn't help. I appreciate your truth. I think hiding the truth does more damage then anything but sharing the good the bad and the ugly is needed no matter what people may think you can't make everyone happy so just take care of your family and keep it 💯. Keep people in your circle that mean you well family. I feel like telling your truth doesn't mean you hate Gambia it's just telling your story period and can't no one tell you your truth. Much love to you family and I am hoping to meet you all when we make that trip for sure.

  3. Nothing wrong with keeping it real am Gambian and love everything you sharing about The Gambia.There is ups and downs everywhere you live. What don’t kill you makes you stronger. Keep moving and keep doing your thing. At the end nothing else matters.Love your family. Peace and blessings to you family.🤎🤎

  4. I'm rooting for you guys. I just thought you would have taken a small break before you jumped into everything. It's all good though because it helps those of us who plan on relocating.

  5. We are winners and we don’t let the haters or naysayers say that we can’t make it!! Please people understand that your hate motives us to go harder! Don’t let the Joneses get you don’t!! Love y’all fam ❤️❤️❤️😍😘🥰

  6. What's good bro. Just keep pushing. Ignore the negatively and do your thing. Along as you get your lady by your side and your health. You can loose. Just focus. Everything is gonna work out. When i come home in December God willing. I will try to reach out and meet you guys. Don't sweat it. You guys doing execellent job. Ignore the ignorance bro. They are just distractions…

  7. May The Most High continue to bless and increase you all. I’ve been following you all from the beginning, never commented. But wanted you to know I stand in agreement and support you all. 🤜🏾👏🏾❤️

  8. I love your realness keep up the good work ! There will always be haters but you guys are doing your thing and will be successful in all that you do!

  9. There’s no where in this world that you can go and not find issues. Either with the place or with people in there or both. Gambia isn’t an exception as a Gambian myself we been bitch about more than anyone else and for that long. Gambia is that small spot but we are proud of it and love it no matter what. Ain’t no place like home, and we can all relate, where you grew up friends you made memories built, this is my town as a visitor there’s only 2 ways either you love it or you hate it, we know to love it. Welcome all , come check it

  10. I absolutely love this video and I love y’all!
    Being able to survive and adapt to any environment makes great character! I feel the same ways about living in Tanzania, but I’m letting the good out weight the bad…. As most of us are living in America or abroad. Keep sharing the real!!
    Peace, Love, & Light ✊🏾

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