September 29, 2023
Noam Chomsky on COINTELPRO

12 thoughts on “Noam Chomsky on COINTELPRO

  1. On J Edgar Hoovers hit lists ( most dangerous people in the world) number 3 was John Lennon & number 1 was Martin Luther King, Jr…the first person targeted by cointelpro was the folk singer Pete Seeger…A witness over heard the cops say after they shot Fred Hampton he's still alive shoot him again…the FBI told the police to kill him..This is why Malcolm X said "By Any Means Necessary" …Malcom X was also on Hoovers hit list…cointelpro is alive and well & is the biggest, biggest problem in America today (the American Stasi is the FBI/CIA/Police/Nazi Informants)

  2. Spain, Ferrol stalking group continued years 2020. I am looking for related judicial decisions on these events in various countries of the world as well as treaties against humanity in the prevention of torture. I suspect that this or techniques based on it are being applied in Spain. I affected by organized group harassment Ferrol, Galicia, Spain. Naval, religious bases linked as opus dei. In my channel you have videos and in the description of these, my blog in case someone wants to send data that could be used for a later complaint, for crimes against humanity, of course outside of Spain. They are refusing to take complaints and are .They dedicate themselves to silencing those affected. I understand that entire countries were condemned for violating international agreements, where it is collected and agreed not to commit these acts, against the civilian population. So all documentation on treaties, trials, open processes, I would be eternally grateful

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