September 22, 2023


  1. If you take the Russian Ukraine conflict for face value….it boils down to Russia trying to keep all the smaller countries that line its border out of NATO hands. Putin realizes if Ukraine fall to American Hands the US military will have a base right on Russias doorstep. If Putin really wanted to stop it he could that's why I believe this is a manufactured conflict.

  2. Russia is trying to win without destroying Ukraine. There are millions of Russian speaking people in Ukraine so Russia hasn't took the gloves off yet. As far as Russia losing thousands of troops and generals thats American propaganda.

  3. I guess now it's WE, no more bangin on this beast? We all a team now? All of you so called conscious niggas ain't no different than the ancestors that sold us out!!!

  4. Big bro they just talking bruh u s has the largest Air Force in the world the U.S Navy has the second largest Air Force in the world over 3700 aircraft they talking that shit but they won't it

  5. Russia isn't losing the war at all, they haven't even started nothing. The troops who are fight at the moment isn't even Russian soldiers but its the Wagner PMC. To add to that the reason Russia is taking its time is because its called a Special Military Operation and because of that they are limited by law in what they can do. If they declare all out war then you will see something totally different! Also don't forget Russia isn't just fighting Ukraine, Russia is fighting the whole of NATO and the US to… and yes NATO and US troops are on the ground disguised as mercenaries and volunteers, medics etc etc. Forget listening to western media, you will never get the true picture, that's why they banned all Russian channels so you can't see what really happening.

  6. Peace Seti when shipping from china stops then we know its on… thru all the madness from the begining merchants are still doing big business. We get everything from there if they cut products coming to the US. As a small biz person once the dollar goes to goldback and the shipping stops we know its on Wish amazon and walmart have good ties with china they not thinking about Biden..

  7. Yeah this War can get extremely louder …. huhm the so called second most powerful country in this world … The day when President Biden was visiting Ukraine … It was reported Russia was on a mission to display some bigger thangs … A Balistic missile test flew but unpreparedly came back down … like rain … Ain't that something or Strange … How the Universe does Her thang

    Once again

  8. Russia would have smashed Ukraine as soon as this started. Not for the assistance of the USA, and her allies. Russia is not trying to drop a nuke. If things keep going this way the USA, is going to get us all killed.

  9. Because you're a Teacher, I stated that you should be a Professor teacher at Umar school, yet someone replied he a canaries AKA fraudulent , but the School is Real and that person doesn't want real Black men to work together.

  10. You don't want to be around after a nuclear ballistic attack. If these fuckers launch missiles you may as well hold your last cookout. Break out the kegs, get your drink on, get your freak on. IT'S LIGHTS OUT.

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