September 21, 2023
OMG ALLEN WEST: You NEED to hear how he absolutely wrecks BLM #shorts

28 thoughts on “OMG ALLEN WEST: You NEED to hear how he absolutely wrecks BLM #shorts

  1. Exactly, I see nice cars pulling up to the hospital and court house and lots of other places, and what do I see, black lawyers getting out to go in and defend criminals that feel the white man held them down, no sir you did that to yourself cause you failed yourself when you had the tools in school to learn to do and be better, but drug dealing paid more, either in cash or death. What did I see at the hospital, saw a black surgeon getting out if a nice ride, way nicer than mine, and I'm white, go figure lol. But ya, black surgeon fixed my broke hip and a broken thumb, wow, guess he didn't get held down, no he lifted himself up by using the tools and means during schooling to better his life, he didn't resort to stealing or selling drugs or falling and kicking his self while he was down. He used the American dream to chase the things in life he wanted without blaming others of any down fall. If your down, either pick yourself up and step one foot in front of the other, or blame yourself for your failures, nobody held you down but yourself, and that's not just for ppl of color,, that's fir any race, if you didn't make it to your dream, then you failed yourself. Ppl that keep looking behind them to the past, will surely not see ahead of them as the future passes them by. They set and spin their tires and never get anywhere, stop spinning tires and move forward into the unknown, it's got to be better than setting there feeling sorry for your self, even a blind man that can't see, knows there is better things ahead if you just have faith that it can't hurt you, use it to better your life, or live in the past and constantly hurt your future.

  2. BLM ✊🏿 is a scam where’s the money from BLM for the black community. Answer they spent it hand bags shoes nice big houses 🏠 car’s why we got nothing BLM not in my name and am black man fβ€” k BLM ✊🏿not in my name 😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑

  3. the mission statement of BLM still reads that they are for the dismantling of the black nuclear family. it was easier to find on the website years ago now it's buried but still to be exumed by diligent minded folk.

  4. And look they took all your money and bought houses and gave it to rich politicians, dummies. The sad part is the people who got robbed are so gullible, they will still defend the people who robbed them and attack the people trying to help them on the command of the people who robbed them. SMH

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