September 21, 2021

23 thoughts on “OMG We Went Quad Biking In The Gambia For The First Time

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  2. Hey Fam…. definitely can relate to the Energy Fam …. I was there in my wonderful Home Bikrama, Yundun, Senegambia….Yesssss I cant wait to return ❤❤❤❤

  3. My adult kids would love this. The two youngest are adventurous. They rode quads and that wire thing over the jungle in Mexico. Even swam with sharks without a cage ( I m still angry about that) but this I would probably try. Maybe. So happy to see you enjoying life in The Gambia.

  4. Gwarn me family just ❤💛💚🖤this felt like I was right there with u all 💯💯can't wait to come do this myself so very very beautiful 😍unu & gwarnnn Queen Jodie just ❤ the way u just stand up pin de bike chooooo💯💯🇬🇲😍

  5. Pleasant eye-adventure. Very good business idea considering Gambia is short on family-excursion.
    AP & Joedy u could use this idea to start a business as an Event
    Planner. Planning family quad-ride
    to the beach/picnic(Jamaican meals cook on location)
    Sundays being beach-days & public holidays….money-maker.
    For diasporeans, especially caz they have more disposable incomes & more free time.

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