September 20, 2021

27 thoughts on “OMG You Wont Believe This Lake View Land In Tanji The Gambia

  1. OMG, you won't believe this lake view land in Tanji The Gambia, it's so beautiful in every way!

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  2. Would love to see you two with a piece of land,plant your seed, build your studio and solidify your base .With your creativity in music and your wonderful voice keep up the good works of bridging the gap in a sustainable manner. Farm to table , with music production, shows etc. down the line, your Music is so well accepted ,you should be able to really spread your message thru your music. Wishing you guys all the best

  3. Yes indeed Tanji is beautiful!! I was there several years ago. I wouldn't mind to settle in Tanji any time if I were to be offered the opportunity. It is a fishing town; the people are so hospitable in their demeanor– in fact all the Gambian people are friendly, ….

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