October 1, 2023
Open letter to Congress regarding the FBI COINTELPRO

31 thoughts on “Open letter to Congress regarding the FBI COINTELPRO

  1. Islam Brethren
    A YouTube channel by the name ‘Virgo Tirad’ May be part reason why you have been getting friction from different Agencies.

    She is into bigotry of Our Moorish Nation. Hotep

  2. Salam.

    Yes! Great video! Thank you for doing everything that you do. You're leading by example and I appreciate that.

    You've inspired me to create my own website and write blogs about moorish history, science and civics. I'll be sharing what I learn through my journey and I don't claim to be a master but I do claim to be a student for life. As a student I'll be sharing my thoughts and experiences through my new website:


    May the universe yield for your benifits and circumstances. Peace.

  3. No applogy is needed. Thats GS work. You have done a great great job putting this together. I wish for everyone to overstand how much your work will help us all. Thanks you for all you are doing.

  4. I should have moved to fucking Rhode Island. Damn! You doing your shit bro. I love it. You can’t even tell people about this in Georgia. They get mad at me for showing them the law. I tip my Fez and turban to you. ☪️ ☪️☪️

  5. F.B.I. already know who we are. They have records of Prophet Noble Drew Ali. Also the seal that is to be put on a document is the Moorish Seal. As a nation we have a Moorish Seal. If you have ever seen an old Koran the seal is on it. Prophet Noble Drew Ali Reincarnated sent me a message in 2004 and had me to notify the F.B.I. that I'm here. That letter is not necessary.

  6. Principles (“Peace”, “TRUTH”, “Freedom” and “Justice”, through and for the “Love” of OUR people), OVER “policy” (“de facto” corporate policy; deceptive motives in enforcing “law,” unsubstantiated claims, failure to research claims in their “press” or publications; and misleading assertions; or “I’m just doing my ‘job’”, or “I’m just doing what I was told to do”). You’ve presented history and FACTS! The recipients will receive your correspondence with respect and deep consideration. This was well-written!

    PRINCIPLES over Policy

    I.S.L.A.M., Grand Sheik! 🙌🏾🇲🇦❤️🇲🇦🙌🏾

  7. The Word American comes from one of the oldest Kingdoms on Earth called "Amurru" which means West . It does not come from AL Morocc. The University of Chicago can verify this. Stop the lies of Drew Ali. He was not a Noble or a Prophet because he was not operating in his Serpentine/Dragon position. He was operating on a Masonic state of Mind. All Religion is Masonic

  8. Oh yeah listen to them showing that we’re promoting acts of terrorism against law-enforcement and innocent people. They already know but you’re dumb ass is LOL. That’s why you are under investigation just like the rest of your followers since they have a list because if you’re in adequate computer security. But that’s OK when they come knocking at your door to take you away and you fight them as you say and you get killed so be it

  9. A few questions. 1. What return address did you use? The home that you’re squatting in? 2. Why did you pay for postage? Pauline Richie put her prepaid postage stuff for the moors on the internet for you to send stuff for free. 3. Why did you waste resources like paper and ink on something that is going to be thrown in the garbage upon receipt?

  10. Hey rise of the Moor you said you want to work with the All Moor and Nation of Islam . Do every think work with theses that call them self the black Hebrew Israelite to??

  11. Jahmal. we have our name correction and judicial notice docs, but no dejure Moors her to sign as witnesses, can my son, brother and myself lawfully serve as witness for each other or do we need to find temple Moors to witness for us. Need clarity as we already know we are dejure Moors , though not on paper yet.

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