September 18, 2023
Operation : Desperate Degenerate #proactivepolicing #informant #cointelpro #gangstalking #cia #fbi

9 thoughts on “Operation : Desperate Degenerate #proactivepolicing #informant #cointelpro #gangstalking #cia #fbi

  1. She is under mk-ultra guaranteed. I wonder if they can do same with me for example if I’m walking? Can they randomly erase your memory and make you act like that woman.?

  2. I was on vacation and a dude took picture of me he pointed the phone right at me when I was sitting and drinking. Why are they taking pictures I would appreciate your answers.

  3. They like to scan u of ur biometrics. Ur brain frequencies. Then they send it to the fusion center that's how they get paid

  4. @#. OSIRIS I agree with ur overall assessments within da narration of this video.

    Dat white chick just stand-in' on dat corner lookin' at her phone wuz type suspect. 

    And of course no street theater antics would be complete, without New York's Pussiest Detectives makin' a cameo appearance within their own orchestrated skit they laid out for u.

    At 5:34 of this video dat truck makes da classic U Turn near or around us to point out ur exact location smh.

    I honestly wouldn't be surprised if dat fool inda truck wuz da handler.

    @6:13 of this video, you'll hear those quick & distinct high pitched car honks. 

    Those are mos definitely instructions to da foot soldier perps in morse type code.

    They use da garbage trucks to send us da subliminal message dat we as E.I./T.I.'s are da "garbage of society", dat needs to be taken & dumped away.

    However, dats all projection, as they say in psychology. 

    Because in all reality, THEY ARE da true garbage & they know it..

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