September 18, 2023
Origin of the Alphabet ft Sara Suten Seti - 09-12-10 Pt3

Destruction the Black the home the Amen-
Hosted by Bro. Ankh (Godkiller)
Sponsored by Onpoint E J C

Special guest Sara Suten

Amen every Sunday at 11pm on


4 thoughts on “Origin of the Alphabet ft Sara Suten Seti – 09-12-10 Pt3

  1. Abba stuck in recent time talkin bout the Nile iz man'made! He keepz stressin it'z in the middle of a desert! Did he forget the desert iz recent and that Kemet waz originally abundant with greenery?
    ThANKHz for the post Fam!

  2. This nigga is talking cray if you ask me he sound like a agent, I'm a say it like this here. The Nile real because its comes out the motherland and birth us. Two its in the real holy land period. We let these other people run around talking about Jesus and everybody else, but we can try and prove that our shit made up. Fuck dat the Nile real..

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