September 17, 2023
Origin of the Alphabet ft Sara Suten Seti - 09-12-10 Pt9

Destruction Black Civilization Show home the Amen-Ra Squad
Hosted by Bro. Ankh (Godkiller)
Sponsored by Onpoint E J C

Special guest Sara Suten Seti

Amen Ra Squad every Sunday at 11pm on


3 thoughts on “Origin of the Alphabet ft Sara Suten Seti – 09-12-10 Pt9

  1. Bullshit Fake-a-con is just that! From a 4th generation former member of the NOI the nation is a jesuit organization. Why does Fake-a-con do business with the seagrams gin family? Why did the salam restaurant close even though 90% of the workers did not get paid for working? Why do temples send $5,000 a week to chicago while renting the temple? Why did Fake-a-con get $50,000-$100,000 from a fundraiser in detroit & leave the poor laborers with the hotel bill? Where is this nation after 80+yrs?

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