September 20, 2023
Oscar Grant (R.I.P.) -Words by Sara Suten Seti

General of Detroit, MI renders a very heart felt and thought provoking dialogue in reference to …


32 thoughts on “Oscar Grant (R.I.P.) -Words by Sara Suten Seti

  1. The amendments were written by white men for white men and their ilk. It never was meant to do anything but destroy the black man by stepping on his neck and effectively cracking it and watch his life force vanish.

  2. I understand perfectly what the definition of black is, as well as the negative connotations that come along with it thanks to the europeans you seem to fancy so much. So your little english lesson has fallen on deaf ears. Because the bible and the english dictionary were created by caucasoids therefore, the words and meaning is for their benefit not mine. Black power! By the way I never saw a caucasoid the color of a white sheet but they still refer to themselves as white.

  3. Let me ask you this if our four father is the creator of life on this planet where did the europeans come from?dig deeper who gave them the name europeans?who the fuck is constantins?what the hell is a roman?why did constantine say we are the daddy of civilization?why in united state corporation we refer to our self as blacks and the rest of the world refer to themself as nations?what about when the planet was called asia ?all nations come from one nation no matter what.

  4. why seti don't speak that about the entire planet was called asia at once apoint of time,tell you why because he work for them people who do what ever it take to dumb a people down.All his video be about fighting europeans but he always attacking none europeans .why he always kicking shit off with people who look just like him?I use to have that hate in my heart but that hate will blind you,learn true knowlegde look in the window.

  5. As long as we have dick like seti we can never win ,I'm teaching my youth my bloodline that if we stand up as one nation with truth we will be better off.

  6. Once again you've made another grave mistake their not my forefathers, maybe yours. It appears as though you' re trying to refute anything having to do with black which I proudly am, I don't give a fuck about romans, greeks or any other of those hateful walking monstrosities. my GOD is black and and life began in the great motherland.

  7. You are also implying that anyone agreeing with Seti is dumb. I like Seti as many people of a like mindset do, because he reflects my beliefs. So do not send me anymore of your pseudo sarcastic induced, so called ideaologies about KraKkkers( bottom line my only concern is with and for black people). So save your breath i'm not one of those self hating easily swayed simple-minded sellouts.

  8. You are just delusional. Stop flip flopping and choose one or the other and while you're at it take your blinders off. you're confused and your points are not valid or no,longer amusing to me. BLACK POWER!

  9. damn were have i been this my first time hearing about oscar grant.why is there a reward for zimmerman and this cop is living. were is punk ass obama

  10. this is crazy! how is that the gun slingers  can kill his brother  over the smallest infraction,, but don't have that same drive to kill the real enemies ? their giving um  life anyways . that don't make sense . stockholms syndrome. what's the proper protocal  too hear from a sister?  no harm intended .  Mr. Seti , i can't get enough of ur  messages . haven't heard anyone so intense since Bro.M.X .. 

  11. God damn, Seti used to breath straight molten magma! This what the youth and the streets need! We need this Seti back but I know Juutube done made it where folk can’t speak how it needs to be spoken nomore. This shit weak and whack now. Seti the last man standin. He the only one that never sold out even tho he almost did with that lil sus dude pharoah allah. We lose big Seti, it’s over, even tho we done already kinda lost the big god. I’m glad Seti delivered the message while he could tho!

  12. Once Seti retires, we have no voices left. And I mean NOT ONE! Not one chattel person I’ve seen in the last five years is capable of droppin it like it needs to be dropped like the og here done it. They’re always compromised with the whitemans thumb up there behinds or a hand clutched on there balls. Somebody new and uncompromisin is goin to hafta rise up and roar like a big lion, cause these old cats ain’t cuttin it and these new cats is too effeminate!

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