September 28, 2021

46 thoughts on “OUR REPATRIATION JOURNEY| U.S. to Tanzania, Africa (w/ toddlers!)

  1. Husband baby and I are watching this video… AGAIN! Just so so great seeing y'all LEAVE and arrive had your mind set and gettin it done, believing and seeing it through!

  2. I am Beyond thankful to come across your channel. In September Iโ€™ll be traveling & hopefully relocating FOR GOOD to Tanzania, Dar specifically. Have you thought of meeting with others from the US who are making this move & being some form of a guide or would you be interested/open to it? Iโ€™ve come across many videos & I see itโ€™s a huge plus to know a local or someone who currently resides there…Nonetheless Thankyou for sharing you & your families journey so far ๐Ÿƒ By the comments i know Im not the only one ready to come home!

  3. I am so worried about what will happen in Tanzania after awhile, not all African Americans are AFRICAN or good for Africa. Lots of BAD habits to detox from. Many bringing the demon behavior with them. Great info.

  4. Shalom Family, I did not know we needed a return flight. Which bus line did you all use to meet that requirement?

  5. Congrats. You did what's best for your children. They'll grow up with unnecessary trauma. The culture shock will be hard for the adults but it's a good sacrifice for the sake of the kids.

  6. This has been my wish for a loooooong time, that all Africans from around the world to come back to Africa. With your knowledge + money +experiences and connections combined with our vast resources that Africa has endowed we can do great together as a team and the rest of the world will stop treating us like fools. Welcome to Tanzania where the first man ever lived and spread across the world.

  7. IM SO HAPPY I FOUND YOUR CHANNEL! My husband and are will be moving from Pittsburgh within the next several months! We also have 3 small children. Iโ€™d love to connect with you!

  8. Welcome back JEDIs to your ROOT, YOUR SOURCE, YOUR CORE. I have subscribed, cos I want to enjoy your story. I love it when you said, we are not going back. Blessings to y'all.

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