May 22, 2022

42 thoughts on “Palm Exotica in Kenya Will be the New Tallest Building in Africa

  1. It doesn't make sense to construct a skyscraper in a town where there aren't any. It'll look odd to be the only standalone tall building in the town. What they should is build do is investment in smaller ten storey buildings next to each other to attract more players in that area. And besides, ROI is what drives investment. Will they achieve this with that location?

  2. Kenyans(Africans)should to build their own factories, for their own people. The skyscrapers will be for rich VIPs only, the ordinary Kenyans won't have access to them. The work places, education, medical treatment, social care, cheap housing FIRST.

  3. All those people having grudge….Free up buddies so buildings stop being constructed by private individuals so that they can do government stuff and plus i know Kenya is way better than most of those your countries which seem to 'focus' on poverty than buildings😉😉….Let go and say Well done where it's deserved😅😅

  4. It be nice if the building was funded, designed and built by Kenyans. Is it?
    Be mindful of the global situation. Strengthen your military don’t assume the good times can continue uninterrupted.

  5. What use does Africa have for Tallest buildings? This concept only works in cold small cities without space. We have enough space in Africa and we are tropical… So, I don't get the logic in this. Am willing to bet money on the fact that 60% of the space in that building will not be used.

  6. This is an Italian design, being built by South Africans, NY, and Italian Billionaire Franco Rosco, you can’t chant Africa for Africans if your building have an Italian tag, like U.S. Prez Trump say make America great again, but his hats are made in CHINA, defeats the purpose… Right!

  7. African countries should just start competing with each other for the best economy and stable country. That’ll help focus their attention on their own countries and the interest of their people first before anything else. Hopefully that’ll get rid of the corruption

  8. In kenya its the private sector who buid sky crippers not govt like dubai, the pay taxes like avic africa headquaters world trade centre, the have paid 8 million dollars so far and yet the buiding is under construction when completed direct employment 3000 .what else do you want, kenya was ranked 3rd in the world in real estae, not everbody is happy the want a shit hole ravaged africa and kenya.

  9. Question: Is that waste of money "Tower of Babel" going to; Feed, Clothe, Educate, Provide Medical care and Prosperity for the Kenyan People's? We all know it isn't so instead of building a disguised IDOLATRY TOWER for worship, which is an Egotistical Phallic fertility symbol of worship to ancient pagan and babylonian deviant Nimrod..

    Use the money to RAISE THE KENYAN PEOPLE…!!

  10. When are we ever going to stop trying to out-due the colonizer? This is like trying to say my phallic monument is bigger than my former / current supermacist master's. The statement it makes is: Assume the position as we continue victimizing you!

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